The Odrowaz Coat of Arms
Families That Use This Arms

NOTICE: These are the historical families of the Odrowaz clans as shown in Polish, German, and French armorials. I can't be expected to know all the names that break this pattern. I have to rely on records.


  • Abratowicz -

  • Ambroch/Ambrock (nob.)

  • Aramowicz - in Litwa in 1763

  • Augustynowicz - descendant of Augustyn, the slavic form of Augustine.

    Ladislawa Augustinowicz (de Odrowaz) Dabowska. Ladislawa is a painter. She was born in 1850 in Cracow, Poland; (8 Rue Grabowskiego) She was the daughter of ? Augustynowicz (de Odrowaz) a factory owner. Her mother was Godula. Lawislawa married Dr. Stanislas Dabrowski. Stanislas was also a painter and was a professor at Lyceum in 1919. She had a classical education in the arts in college (in Cracow) and high school. Her family was thought to be from Armenian nobility who played a prominent part in the 17th, 18th, and 19th century social and political life. She belonged to the Society for the Encouragement of the Plastic Arts. She joined the Jednorag Artist's Society in 1925. She led the artist's life mostly in Cracow, where she and her husband painted.

  • Baranowski - One who came from Barano or Baranowice (Baran's settlement), in Poland. Thought to have originated in Mazovia and Galicia. Baran means "ram."

    Baranow Sandomierski is a Middle Age city.
    It has a castle, known to locals as "Little Wawel."
    This is their city's civic arms.

  • Bebnowski, province of Sandomierz in 1408
    ***Sandomierz was a walled and fortified city.

  • Bialaczewicz, province of Sandomierz. Biala means "white."

  • Bialaczowski, province of Sandomierz in 1232

  • Bielawski - one who came from Bielawa, Poland.

  • Bienkowski

  • Bilicz, Slask in 1550

  • Bilitsch -

  • Blaszkowiecki

  • Blaszkowicz, Przemysl in 1454.
    ***Przemysl is a fortified town situated on the River San, and is one of the oldest cities in Poland.

  • Blazejowicz (Odrowaz VII)

  • Blazejowski

  • Blezowski -

  • Bogorajski(nob)

  • Bohiszowicz

  • Bohurynski, Wolyn in 1495

  • Bohuszowicz

  • Brachowski province of Kracow in 1460.
    ..............Litwa in 1763

    This Odrowaz coat of arms is from Polskie Rody Szacheckie I Icy Herby

  • Buchta - one who made and sold buchta, a national cake made with yeast (of Czech origin). This family was in Slask in 1500

  • Buczkowski - buczec means to hum, drone or buzz.

  • Burchacki

  • Burkacki, province of Czernichow in 1661
    .............Sandomierz in 1673
    .............province of Kujawy in 1697
    .............Burkacki later used the surname Zarnowieski.

  • Bylina, Czersk in 1522

  • Cedrowski, Litwa in 1632

    Jan Cedrowski was born on March 13, 1617, and died in 1682 (in Pohosie?). Jan is of the clan Odrowaz. He was active in the Sejm; a biographer, a client of the Birzach family branch of the Radziwills. Jan Cedrowski was elected several times to the Diet (Sejm). He was a deputy to the Lithuanian Tribunal, and in 1656, was an envoy to the Czar. He authored Albums of Memoirs about his life from 1617-1682 (Dziegielewski, Jan and Janusz Ekes, et al. Encyklopedia Historii Polski: Dzieje Polotyczne(Vol. 1). Warsaw: Morey s.c.-Egross, 1994).

  • Chanclowicz

  • Chlewicki, Sandomierz in 1460.

  • Chreptowicz, Litwa 1470.
    ........They were adopted into the Odrowaz family - sen.

  • Chociszewski

  • Chodecki - Chodzic means to walk or go.

  • Chomski - Choma is the Ukrainian form of Tomasz.

  • Chwalkowski, Greater Poland in 1420.

  • Cinski

  • Cizewski

  • Cizowski, province of Kracow in 1460

  • Czechowski - one who came from Bohemia (Germany), a Czech..

  • Czelo, Slask in 1484.

  • Czykinski

  • Czyklinski

  • Debinski, province of Krakow in 1460 (Odrowaz VIII)

  • Debna (Odrowaz VII)

  • Dembinski - dweller in, or near, an oak woods.

  • Duracz, province of Sandomierz

  • Durasiewicz

  • Dziewatl, province of Kracow 1460

  • Egrodzynski, Mazovia in 1590

  • Funger

  • Falk - one who took care of falcons or hawks; one who lived by the sign of the falcon (German)

  • Falkonski (nob.)

  • Ferber (nob.) - a painter or stainer (German)

  • Forsth - dweller near a forest (German)

  • Forst (nob.) - dweller in, or near, a forest (German).

  • Galka - dweller at the sign of the ball; or near a rounded hill. Recorded in 1345

  • Giedmin

  • Giwanowski, province of Krakow in 1460

  • Glebocki

  • Gliszczynski

  • Godowski, ziemia kalista 1640

  • Gorski - Dweller on or near a mountain. Recorded in the province of Krakow in 1534

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Paszkiewicza, Mieczyslawa and Herzego Kulczyckiego. Herby Rodow Polskich. London: Orbis Books, 1990.

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