Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish Crown Jewels

Written by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewski, B.F.A.


Left: King Christian's Crown (1588-1648). Made for the King of Denmark of gold, enamel, pearls, and other precious stones. Right: King Christian V's Crown. This crown was used from 1671 until 1840 for a coronations.



Left: The Norwegian King's Crown made for King Carl XIV Johan of Sweden and Norway. It was worn at his coronation on September 7, 1818, in Trondheim Cathedral. Right: The Norwegian Queen's Crown made for Queen Desiree, Carl XIV's consort, in 1830. It was used by other queens of Norway until Queen Maud in 1906.


Queen Lovisa Ultika's (Prussian) Crown was made in Stockholm in 1751 by Andreas Almgren. It was modelled after Ronde's French crown made for Marie Leszcynska (Polish Princess) for her wedding to Louis XV of France. This crown was used from 1751 for the coronation of Swedish queens.


LEFT: The Crown of King Eric XIV of Sweden. Made in Stockholm in 1561 by Flemish goldsmith Cornelius ver Welden. Right: Queen Eleonora's Crown. Made in Stockholm in 1620 by German goldsmith Rupprecht Miller.



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