Native American Genealogy Sources
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska, B.F.A.

Native American Genealogical Searches are at best "difficult," however, I will list some of those I have to date found on the internet:

Oneida Genealogy Links Tawodi's American Indian Genealogy... AOL Members Related Web Pages" National Archives Resources Native American Resources
Ancestor Quest: NA Genealogy Native American links Connecticut Native American Resource Center

For information on your Cherokee Roots, visit their book site. They have two books (Volume I and II) called Cherokee Roots. These books have names from fifteen different rolls of the Cherokee Nation. Cherokee Publications

Another Publication is called Cherokee Proud: A Guide to Tracing and Honoring Your Cherokee AncestorsISBN 0-9655722-3-4.....$33.00(hard)
ISBN 0-9655722-2-6.....$26.00 (paper)
Cherokee Proud website

Sold By:

Chunannee Books
Dept. NPM
4040 Boothe Road
Domerville, TN 38068

For Seminole Genealogy Write:

Relatively Speaking
Dept. of Anthropology and Genealogy
Seminole Tribe of Florida
Room 421, 6300 Stirling Road
Hollywood, FL. 33024
Call: (954_966-6300 Ext 1423

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