The Metcalfe Family

This seacalf crest was granted to a Thomas Metcalfe in 1555, whether he is the same Thomas is yet to be learned

  • Thomas Metcalfe
  • William Metcalfe
  • *Friswide Metcalfe married William Bartholomew
  • Elizabeth Metcalfe married a _____Trulocke
  • Anne Metcalfe married a _____Bradshawe
  • Joanne Metcalfe
  • Margaret Metcalfe married Thomas Chamberlayne in 1581.
  • Sybil Metcalfe married Peter Heiwood in 1597 in Henley-on-the-Thames. Other relatives mentioned in the will of William Metcalfe were: Ursula Metcalfe Noble, his sister; and her children: Nathaniel and William Noble. William also had a brother named Nicholas Metcalfe. WILLIAM BARTHOLOMEW Sr. was a mercer (a dealer in silks and woolens) in Burford. He was born before February 7, 1567 in Warboroughshire, Oxfordshire, England. William was christened as "Will Bartylmewe." He married FRISWIDE METCALFE, daughter of William Metcalfe, in 1588 in Warborough, Oxfordshire, England. Their wedding date was one year after Mary Queen of Scots(1542-1587) is executed in Fotheringay Castle in Northamptonshire. William was buried on May 6, 1634 in Bartholomew Chapel, St. John's Church,Burford, Oxfordshire, England. FRISWEDE METCALFEwas born on February 9, 1568/69 in Fulbrooke, Oxfordshire, England. She died on December 10, 1647 in Burford.

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