My Native American Indian "nickname" is Maggie "Red Bear." This is because of my auburn hair and knowledge of legends and natural things. This is me in one of my costumes. My husband, son, and I do re-enacting. I hand-beaded this suede top and I make all our family costumes. I began sewing at age 15 and continued to sew today. In my early years, I grew up playing in the forest near my childhood home. This was before real estaters bought the land and build miles and miles of homes and golf courses. Growing and learning about nature has taught me many things in life, thus my stories, their messages and my love of nature photography. I had many animal friends (cats, dogs, parakeets, rabbits, and chickens) and learned to appreciate them since I was a child. I have never understood violence against any living creature excepting to defend oneself. My father was a deer hunter when I was a child and that venison supplemented our meals. I love venison!

Today, I still enjoy the wildlife and woods behind my home. I feed the birds, squirrels, chipmunks, etc, when it is difficult for them to forage for food themselves. I love visiting the zoo and traveling to new places. I am now into genealogy and historical writings and reading. I learned to be a webmaster in February 1998, when I put up my first webpage on AOL. Since then I have learned many more skills, such as html writing, and my pages have expanded to what you see today and they will continue to expand even more in the future.

Ever since I was in junior high school I have sought knowledge about many things of the world. I have read many books and took lessons from them all.

I can honestly say that I am a great believer in the phrase "We are All Related." The purpose of my websites is to prove this.

Enjoy and please honor the peace of nature.

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