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Colonel Jacob Klock's Regiment
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz Sypniewska

George Crysler was a private in Colonel Jacob Klock's Regiment, the Second Tryon County Militia in the Revolution.

In 1772, Sir William Johnson divided Tryon County into five districts after the county was set off from the County of Albany.

    The New Districts were:

  1. The Mohawk District - the eastern portions east of "The Noses."

  2. The Palatine District - to the north side of "The Noses" to Little Falls and extending north to the Canadian line.

  3. The Canajoharie District - in the south side and occupying the same breadth as the Palatine, extending south to the Pennsylvania line.

  4. The Kingsland District - that portion on the north side of the river west of the Palatine district.

  5. The German Flatts - on the south side of the river extending from Little Falls to Fort Stanwix, and south to the Pennsylvania line.


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