The Johnson Family

CAPTAIN ISAAC JOHNSON was born in 1617 in Herne, East County, England; and sailed to New England, settling in Roxbury, Massachusetts in 1630 with his father's family, probably in the company of Governor Winthrop. Isaac Johnson was a freeman on March 4, 1685 (CD504 Early New England Settlers, 1600s-1800s in King Philip's War 1675-1677, Beginning of Hostilities in King Philip's War. Broderbund Software, Inc, Banner Blue Division). Isaac was the son of John Johnson of Roxbury. John Johnson came to New England with the Wintrop Fleet in 1630(?). John was chosen by the General Court as Constable of Roxbury, Massachusetts, in 1630. John was born in Emgland, and married (1) Margery ? in England. John died in Roxbury, Massachusetts; on September 30, 1659. Captain Isaac Johnson married ELIZABETH PORTER. on January 20, 1636/37 in Roxbury, MA. Isaac died on December 19, 1675 in the Great Swamp Fight fight with the Narragansett Indians in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. Elizabeth died August 13, 1683 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA.(Bowen, Clarence Wintrop, PhD. LL.D. The History of Woodstock Families (8 vols). Norwood, MA.: Plimpton Press, 1962. Schultz, E.B. and M/J/ Tougias. King Phillip's War. Woodstock, VT.: Countryman Press, 262)

Children of Isaac and Elizabeth were:

  1. Elizabeth Johnson was born December 24, 1637 and married Henry Bowen, son of Griffith Bowen and Margaret Fleming, on December 20, 1658. Henry was born in Wales in 1633 and he died at the age of 90 years on March 13, 1723/4 in Woodstock, Connecticut. Henry was a lieutenant and he was in the Swamp Fight.
  2. John Johnson was born on November 3/8, 1639 in Norfolk, Roxbury, MA. He married Elizabeth Maverisk on October 14, 1650 John died on December 16, 1661 in Roxbury, MA.
  3. Mary Johnson was born April 24, 1642. She married William Bartholomew on December 17, 1663.
  4. Isaac Johnson was born on November 7, 1643 and baptized on January 7, 1644. Isaac married Mary Harris, the daughter of Daniel Harris, on October 26, 1669; and removed to Middletown, Connecticut. Isaac died February 3, 1719.
  5. Joseph Johnson was born on November 9, 1645; and was baptized on November 9, 1645 in Roxbury, MA. He died on February 3, 1729/20 in Middletown, Connecticut (FTM CD 367 - Notable British Families, 1600s-19oos, American Families with British Ancestry).
  6. Nathaniel Johnson was born May 1, 1647 in Branford. Nathaniel married Mary Smith in 1667, and sometime after 1688 removed to Marlborough (?)

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