Henry VII
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  1. His older son, Arthur, was born on September 20, 1486. Arthur died April 2, 1502 (at age 16). Arthur was the Prince of Wales. Arthur was betrothed to Catherine of Aragon after negotiations began in 1488, when Arthur was only two years of age. Caterina, of Spain, was two years Arthur's elder. Arthur and Catherine were married on November 14, 1501, in St Paul's Cathedral and they lived at Ludlow. Five (5) months later Arthur died of the sweating sickness. It was thought that they never consumated their marriage.

  2. Margaret Tudor (1489-1541) was born November 29, 1489. She married James IV of Scotland, in Edinburgh, on August 8, 1503, and was Queen of Scotland. Margaret was said to play the lute and the clavichord. Margaret died on October 18, 1541 (at age 52).

    Margaret and James had two children:

    James V of Scotland who married Marie de Guise.
    Margaret who married Matthew, the Earl of Lennox.

  3. Henry Tudor, later Henry VIII, was born June 28, 1491, in the Palace of Greenwich, London, England. Henry was five years younger than his brother Arthur, Prince of Wales. In 1514, Henry had smallpox (at age 23), but had a remarkable recovery. Henry died on Friday, January 28, 1547, at 2 a.m. (at age 56). There was great secrecy about his actual cause of death and the citizens were not told until a few days after his death.

  4. Mary Tudor (1495-1533) was born in March 1496. Mary married (1) Louis XII who died on January 1515. She then married (2) Charles Brandon (B: 1485), Duke of Suffolk.

Henry was the youngest son, and was therefore was not in the limelight, as long as his brother Arthur was alive. His childhood was a rather isolated existence.,/LI>

The title of Duke of Richmond was the title Henry VII had before becoming King of England.

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