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Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz Sypniewski

SYPNIEWSKI is the 49,120th most popular surname in the United States. It's frequency is rated at 0.000%, percentile is 85.785 (source CBN)

With that in mind, it seems like the Sypniewskis are a rare bunch. However, many have achieved more than their "20 minutes of fame," as coined by Andy Warhol.

Sypniewskis on the Recruitment List for General Josef Haller's Army(WWI)


Haller's Polish Army in France:
(Approximately 20,000 were recuited from U.S. and Canadian immigrants.)

The Table Below Shows the States/Providences and Cities Recruited For This Army:

Connecticut Bridgeport = 1000 Hartford = 700 Meriden = 200 New Britain = 300
Delaware Wilmington = 100
Illinois: Chicago = 5700 South Chicago = 800
Indiana South Bend = 100
Maryland Baltimore = 250
Massachusetts: Boston = 800 Holyoke = 400 Worcester = 200 Springfield = 450
Michigan: Detroit = 2800 Grand Rapids = 100 Saginaw = 100 Bay City = 100
Minnesota Duluth = 600 Minneapolis = 200 St. Paul = 100
Missouri Kansas City = 100 St. Louis = 250
Nebraska Omaha = 150
New Jersey Trenton = 200
New York Buffalo = 2300 New York City = 3000 Schenectady = 200 Syracuse = 100 Utica = 800
Ohio Cleveland = 1600 Toledo = 500 Youngstown = 100
Pennsylvania Pittsburgh = 2000 Wilkes-Barre =1100 Erie = 200 Philadelphia = 1200 Reading = 100
... Scranton = 150 Mt. Carmel = 100
Rhode Island Central Falls 100 Providence =100
West Virginia Wheeling = 100 < ...
Wisconsin Milwaukee = 1300 Stevens Point = 300
Canada: Toronto, Ontario 250 ... Montreal, Quebec 100 ... Winnipeg, MN. = 100

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Sypniewskis I have found in Public Records/cemetary records:

  • ST CASIMIR'S CATHOLIC CEMETARY, Rochester, New York. Located just north of RTE 104 expressway.:

    Ignatz Sypniewski 1879-1929
    Mary Sypniewski, wife of Ignatz Sypniewski 1888-1969
    Rose Sypniewski 1908-1977.

    This cemetary is associated with:

    St Casimir's Polish National Catholic Church
    500 Simpson Road
    Rochester, NY 14617


    Louis Sypniewski was born July 12, 1892, and died February 29, 1932. Next to Louis is Audrey H. Sypniewski was born May 8, 1906, and died September 1933. Next to them is a Mother Katherine Sypniewski born November 30, 1890 and died February 27, 1928. Then Josef Sypniewski born February 27, 1864, and died July 29, 1929. Then Augusta Sypniewski 1898-1972. Antonina Sypniewski was born November 16, 1866 and died June 14, 1920 (buried next to Augusta) Jadwiga is also in this plot (see below)

  • SAINT MARY CATHOLIC CEMETARY, Bremond, Robertson County, Texas.

    Anton Sypniewski died November 17, 1937, Sec, 1, WW I
    Joseph M. Sypniewski born: January 14, 1907, and died: October 4, 1978. Sec 2.
    Joseph Snider Sypniewski 1892-1947, Sec. 5
    Josie Sypniewski 1858-1958, Sec. 2
    Mike Sypniewski born: September 29, 1901, and died: September 20, 1965, Sec. 2, WWI
    Steve K. Sypniewski born: August 29, 1892, and died: May 11, 1951, Sec. 5, WWII
    Sudie S. Sypniewski born: August 6, 1900, and died: November 2, 1972, Sec. 2
    Wawrzynieg Sypniewski 1860-1920, Sec. 1.


    Months used on Polish Cemetary Stones:

    January = stzrczen February = luty March = marsy April = kwiecien May = maj June = czerwice
    July = lipiec August = wspanialy September = wrzesien October = pazdziernik November = listopad December = grudzien

  • Emily J. Sypniewski graduated in June 1942 from Detroit North High School in Michigan.


  • Frank Sypniewski, of New Providence, Pennsylvania married Muriel L. Rouse,(d. December 6, 2001), daughter of Venice Rouse and Elizabeth Thompson. They were members of Mt. Eden Lutheran Church, in Quarryville, PA. Frank and Muriel were married for 33 years, until her death on Sunday, December 30, 2001. They had three sons, by Muriel's first marriage: Patrick Crawford, Ronald Crawford, and Timothy Crawford. Frank had a son named Douglas Sypniewski from his first marriage. Muriel also had a daughter Judie by her first marriage. Mrs. Sypniewski had a brother named Edward Rouse.


  • Jadwiga Sypniewska died June 26, 1900, and is buried in St. Mary's Catholic Cemetary, Manitowoc (Manitowoc County), Wisconsin. This cemetary is located on the southeast corner of 18th and Division Stree. One section is used by St. Mary's Church and the other is used by the Sisters of the St. Mary's Home (Felician Sisters) for nuns and for those people living in the home who are without family.


  • Kacper Sypniewski married Urszula Michalski on November 18, 1849 Bygokiego, Kruszyn, Wlockawski. Kacper's parents are: Jakub Sypniewski and Veronica Zaborowska


  • Ludwig von Sypniewski from Grubno, Kreis Kulm, Westpreussen was 27 in 1790. Catholic parish records in Kulm (now Chelmno).(Land records, Volume 19, pg. 36 - Prussian Archives-Polish Prussia by Dr. Max Bar (1911).


  • Petricius Sypniewski from Laskowo was married on May 5, 1829, in the Evangelisches Kirchenbuch Duplicate for Samotschin, Kreis Kolmar/Chodziez (Family History Library film # 0764064.)


  • Lukasz Sypniewski was born in 1817 to Ignacy Sypniewski and Elzbieta Jarzabowska in Bydgoskiego, Kruszn Wloclawski. Lukarz married Mary Ann Skorsha on January 7, 1837.


  • Joannes Sypniewski was baptised February 8, 1874 in West Prussia in Grutta, Katholische Kirche. Born to and Catharina Cichoracka.


  • Sister Mary Theodorette Sypniewski, of Wisconsin, died at the age of 91 years, on December 8, 2001, at the St. Joseph Congregational Home at 1300 Maria Drive, in Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481 (built in 1902). She was a Sister of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis, Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
    Theodorette was born on January 10, 1910, in Poland. She was the daughter of Andrew Sypniewski and Frances Mlodzieniak. In 1912 their family traveled from Poland and settled in Chicago, Illinois. She was a noviate of the Sisters of St. Jpseph of the Third Order of St. Francis on August 10, 1926. She made her final vows on August 9, 1933. She was a teacher in Chicago elementary and high schools. In Stevens Point, she taught at St. Peter School from 1927-1929. She also did catechetical work in California for 20 years.

    Her sister, Frances Sypniewski lives in Sierra Vista, Arizona (The Portage County Gazette, December 1, 2001).

    Sisters of St. Francis in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


  • Muriel L. Sypniewski died December 6, 2001 (age 77), at her home in New Providence, Pennsylvania. Muriel was a member of Mt. Eden Lutheran Chirch in Quarryville, PA. She was born in Angola, Indiana.


  • Peter Paul Sypniewski baptised July 10, 1832 in West Prussia in Graude, Catholic Church. Born to Martin Sypniewski and Magdelena Orzynska.


  • Victoria Sypniewski married Francis Kowalski. Their son: Rev. Raymond Reynolds of Trenton, New Jersey was ordained to the priesthood in 1952 in Trenton. He was a Franciscan and died in 1999.


  • Wlayslaw Sypniewski was a school principal.

    From Slucz, policemen took 15 men to concentration camps and prisons; only one survived and returned. Among the murdered were school principal Wladyslaw Sypniewski, a farm owner, Witold Chojnowski, and a shoemaker, Stanislaw Krajewski. At least 39 men were taken from this village for forced labor in the Third Reich and to dig trenches. Among them six died in Germany and one died shortly after he returned. Also, 15 hostages were taken from Slucz. They were released after three months of imprisonment in Bialystok. Hostages were also taken from other villages. From the village of Mscichy, 54 men were deported for forced labor, among them, four died. Great numbers of people deported into the Third Reich depleted the villages of their most valuable, young workers. Similar deportations took place in many other villages. On the 21st of July 1944 in Rydzewo Pieniazek, policemen from Radzilow executed Tadeusz Wysocki, age 17, Apolinary Petkowski, age 32, and Franciszek Samelka, age 50. In December of the same year they killed farmer Mieczyslaw Tomaszewski, age 33. From the village of Borawskie, one man was killed and two others died in concentration camps.


  • William Sypniewski was a graduate of East Brunswick High School class of 1977 in East Brunswick, New Jersey.He is listed under classmates they are trying to locate.




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