The Dickerson Family Tree
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska, B.F.A.


Charles Frank Knight was born on December 10, 1885 in Tecumseh, Lenawee County, Michigan. He married Grace Lenor Dickerson. Charles died February 26, 1943 in Northville, Wayne County, Michigan; and is buried in Rural Hill Cemetary in Northville, MI.
Grace Lenor Dickerson was born April 8, 1890 in Sumpter Township, Wayne County, Michigan, Grace died September 28, 1975 in Wayne County, Michigan. Grace and Charles lived most of their married life in Northville, Michigan

    Charles and Grace had four children:

  1. Franklin George Knight
  2. Russell Martin Knight
  3. Rose Knight
  4. Ruth Ermina Knight.


Frederick George Knight was born on April 13, 1857 in New York. He married Harriet Assenia Bartholomew on May 2, 1883 in Tecumseh, Lenawee County, Michigan. Frederick died March 8, 1926 in Raisin Township, , Lenawee County, Michigan, and was buried in Brookside Cemetary in Tecumseh, Lenawee County, Michigan.
was born on October 4, 1862 in Milan, Monroe County, Michigan. Harriet died on April 22, 1957 at age 95, Tecumseh, Lenawee County, Michigan, and was buried in Brookside next to her husband..

    Frederick and Harriet's children were:

  1. Charles Frank Knight
  2. Phoebe Ann Knight

William Seward Dickerson
was born on August 13, 1850 in Gorham, Ontario County, New York. He married (1) Jane Plumb, daughter of Havillah and Corinna Plumb of Belleville, Wayne County, Michigan. Jane was born in 1851, and died September 18, 1870 in Sumpter Township, Wayne County, MI. Jane is buried in Martinville Cemetary near Belleville, MI.(2) Ermina E. Crysler in Belleville M.E. Church, Belleville, Wayne County, Michigan; on February 11, 1872. William died April 20, 1927 in Northville, Wayne County, Michigan.
Ermina E. Crysler was born on February 26, 1852 in Sumpter Township, Wayne County, Michigan. Ermina died March 30, 1932 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan.

    Children of William and Ermina were:

  1. Learna J. Dickerson was born on July 5, 1873 in Sumpter Township, Wayne County, Michigan. She married Lowellyn Crysler. She died April 22, 1943.
  2. Augustus Dicklerson was born April 1, 1875. He married (1) Abbie McConnell(2) Ethel
  3. Rozilla C. Dickerson was born January 14, 1877. She married Dr. Hoar of Northville, Michigan.
  4. George A. Dickerson was born on September 11, 1879. He died on December 29, 1912 in Richmond, Virginia.
  5. Murilla Mae Dickerson was born on Septemnber 23, 1881. She married Byron Buckley. She died April 1956.
  6. John Martin Dickerson was born on October 11, 1883. He died December 6, 1970.
  7. Clifford Seward Dickerson was born March 24, 1886 and died April 20, 1887.
  8. Elva Elnora Dickerson was born on March 18, 1888. She died May 6, 1889.
  9. Grace Lenor Dickerson was born on April 8, 1890 in Sumpter Township, Wayne County, MI. She married (1) Charles Frank Knight (2) Alexander McMillian. Famous relatives of Grace Lenor Dickerson
  10. James Russell Dickerson was born on December 3, 1891. He married (1) Cora (2) Elizabeth Wright.
  11. William Dickerson, Jr. was born on January 9, 1894 and died a few hours after birth.
  12. Lena Ermina Dickerson was born on January 29, 1899. She married Lyle A. Buckley. She died on March 7, 1961.


Frederick George Knight(KNECHT), was born May 1827 in Wuttemberg, Austria; before coming to New York State. He married Phoebe Ann Peterson about 1849/50 in New York. Frederick died December 18, 1902 in Madison Township, Lenawee County, Michigan.

    Their children were:

  1. Frederick G. Knight
  2. Mary Ann Knight
  3. Heneritta I. Knight
  4. Franklin A. Knight

Phoebe Ann Peterson was born August 28, 1836 in New York. Phoebe died of tuberculosis, on November 18, 1868 in Tecumseh, Lenawee County, Michigan; before her children saw adulthood. All the children were adopted out, except the youngest, Frank, and my relative Frederick who ran away and joined Barnum and Bailey Circus in Chicago, Illinois. The children all reunited with their father as adults. Because times were hard this was the only option for a man who lost his wife. Frederick lived in Tecumseh, Michigan at the time of his death, and had remarried for a second time (no issue). I do not have much more about this line.

ABRAHAM DICKERSON was born July 11, 1795 in Orange County, New York. He married (1) Lucretia Bull (2) (3)Caroline Matilda (Burnam?) Tanner, in Orange County, New York. Caroline was the widow of Benjamin Tanner. Abraham Dickerson died on January 5, 1880 in Sumpter Township, Wayne County, MI.; and is buried in Martinville Cemetary.
Caroline Matilda (Burnam?) Tanner was born March 2, 1807 in Kingsbury, Ontario County, New York. She was christened Caroline died December 31, 1879 in Sumpter, Wayne County, Michigan. I do not know much more about her family, at present. Abraham and Caroline only had one child, William Seward Dickerson, but both had children from their other marriages.


  1. Alfred Tanner was christened at New York All Saints Church, New York on December 28, 1828
  2. Henry Tanner was christened at New York All Saints Church, New York on December 28, 1828
  3. Joanne Tanner was christened at New York All Saints Church, New York on December 28, 1828
  4. John Tanner was christened at New York All Saints Church, New York on December 28, 1828
  5. Leonard Burnam Tanner was christened at New York All Saints Church, New York on December 28, 1828
  6. Caroline Matilda Tanner was born in 1828, and was christened on December 5, 1830.
  7. Joseph Tanner was christened on December 2, 1832.
  8. Julia Ann Tanner was christened on July 20, 1834.
  9. Mary Elizabeth Tanner was christened in 1833, and was living with Jacob Thomas 50 and wife Lucy 47 in 1850 Ontario County, New York.
  10. Hester Tanner was christened March 18, 1838
  11. Riley Tanner was born in 1841 in Gorham, Ontario County, New York, and was living with his mother and her second husband, Abraham Dickerson, age 52 (B: abt 1798) in 1850 Gorham, Ontario County, New York census. Caroline was listed as age 38 (B: abt 1812). In 1850 census Riley was listed as 9 years old.
I found a young Caroline in 1850 census for Morris, Otsego County, N.Y. She was living with Cyrus Tucker (Tanner) laborer age 65 (born in MA) and Ansel Tucker age 28 in his home (born in NY)...valued at $600.00. Other family members were Ambrosia, wife of Ansel(?) (age 20), Hannah Tucker (age 31) Charles Tucker (age 17), Robert Tucker (age 19)...perhaps Caroline was a relative?

I have no proof, but I am told that the Tanner Family was Native American (family legends), thus explaining their mass baptisms on December 28, 1828.Tanners in the census. Anyone out there link up?

Martin Crysler was born November 9, 1812 in New York. He married (1) Elizabeth Caroline Wood on September 20, 1832. (2) Amanda (Furlong) Closser, widow of William Closser. Both Martin and Amanda had children from their first marriages. Martin Crysler died February 28, 1872, and is buried in Martinsville Cemetary in Sumpter Township, Wayne County, Michigan.

    Martin and (1) Caroline's children were:

  1. Tyrannus Collins Crysler
  2. Marcus W. Crysler
  3. Martin Oliver Crysler
  4. Elizabeth Caroline Crysler
  5. Edwin W.Crysler
  6. Marion Crysler
  7. George J. Crysler
  8. Mary Ann Crysler
  9. James L. Crysler
  10. Cornell W. Crysler

    Martin and Amanda's children were:

  1. Ermina E. Crysler was born February 26, 1852 in Sumpter Township. Wayne County, MI. She married William Seward Dickerson.
  2. Learney Elnor Crysler died young and is buried in Martinsville Cemetary in Sumpter Township, Wayne County, Michigan.
  3. William Furlong Crysler was born on December 21, 1860, and died May 11, 1921. He married Frances Agnes Bryant
    Orrah Crysler was William's son who married Myrtle Pingston.
    Mabel Crysler was born April 24, 1881. Mabel married Lee Cook.
    Cora Crysler was born October 1, 1888. Cora married Joseph Materne.
    Myrtle Crysler was born September 1, 1898. Myrtle married Raymond Grant. (this branch of the family was sent by Joan Crysler of Florida).

    Amanda's children with her first husband, William Closser (Married on November 18, 1824) were:

  1. Arvilla Closser
  2. Rozilla Lylla Closser
  3. Julia Ann Closser
  4. Mary Jane Closser
  5. Perry Orashoe Closser


Joseph Knecht was born in Austria. Joseph married Mary ? This is where this line ends for now.

Joseph Dickerson was born September 1755. Joseph married Eva Sinsabaugh.
Eva Sinsabaugh was born May 1, 1762 and died in 1801.

George Crysler/Rebecca Sullivan


Selah Dickerson was born in 1731 in Southhold Township, Long Island, Suffolk County, New York.

The town of Southold occupies the north division of the eastern end of Long Island from the Riverhead boundary to Orient Point, a distance of twenty-three miles. At its widest part it measure only about four miles and it is said to contain 29,446 acres. On its Long Island Sound side its coast line is rugged and precipitous, but facing Peconic Bay is flat, with wide stretches of rich meadow land. The soil in the interior is very fertile, and the climate, on the whole, may be ranked as healthy and bracing. The township has several "dependencies" in the shape of islands - Robin's Island, Plum Island, Fisher's Island , and others, but these can hardly be said to add either to its dignity or importance. The story of the founding of the colony in 1640, by the Rev. John Youngs and his associates, has already been told in this work. It was never an independent colony, like that, for instance, at Huntington or at Brookhaven, but from its beginning owed allegiance to the commonwealth of Hartford, to full association with which it was brought in 1649. But, except for the trial of grave criminal offenses and of the more important law-suits, the connection with the mainland was little more than nominal. The commonwealth never seems to have interfered with the town, and the town was ruled by the town meeting and the town meeting was subordinate to the church. It was a pure theocracy, and unless a man was a member of the church he was not allowed a voice in town meeting. His certificate of church membership was his evidence of citizenship. If he had not such a document he was not regarded as on an equality with those who had, and his presence was not desired in the community. The town meeting attended to the highways, the cleaning of the streets, the removal of obstructions, the education of youth, the division of lands, the hunting of wolves, the marking of cattle, and the defense of the settlement. The town meeting was held every three months, and a fine of twenty shillings was imposed for non-attendance.

He married Sarah Overton on November 8, 1754. Selah is listed in the 1776 Census of Southold Township, Suffolk County, New York as the head of the household:

  • Males above 10 and under 50 years of age = 2
  • Males under 10 years of age = 2
  • Females above 10 years of age = 2
  • Females under 10 years of age = 1
(FTM, CD-132 Selected NY Revolutionary War Records 1775-1840, Census of Suffolk County, 1776.).

The same census lists: John Overton, Jr., John Overton, Sr., Isaac Overton, Elton Overton, and Nathaniel Overton.

Selah died December 1, 1809.

Adam Sinsabaugh married Anna V. Youngblood

George Crysler


John Dickerson was born in 1685, and married Abigail Reeve on December 25, 1720 in Southold, L.I. New York. John died May 23, 1750 in Southold, Long Island, New York.

Nathaniel Overton married (?)


Peter Dickerson was born on July 5, 1648 in Salem, Massachusetts. He married Naomi Mapes in Southold, Long Island, New York. Peter died March 15, 1724 in Southold, Long Island, New York. He is buried in the First Presbyterian Church graveyard in Southold, Long Island, New York. His tomstone says he died in 1721 at age 73.
Naomi Mapes was born on January 17, 1667, and died March 4, 1725 in Southold, Long Island, New York.

John Reeve Died December 15, 1712. He married Abigail


Philemon Dickerson was born May 7, 1613. He married Mary Paine in 1641 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts. Philemon died March 27, 1672 in Southold, Long Island, New York. Philemon is buried in the First Prebyterian Church graveyard. His tombstone states that his age was 74, which would place his birth at 1598, not 1613(?). See: Old Burying Ground of the First Presbyterian Church, Southold Long Island, New York.

The Dickerson Monument Inscriptions
Mary Paine was born October 12, 1611, and died March 1, 1698 in Southold, Long Island, New York. in Wrentham, Suffolk County, England.


Henry Dickerson was born in 1590. Henry died in 1636 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk County, England. (HENRY AS PHILEMON'S FATHER IS IN DEBATE)...However, until I find facts to the contrary, he will remain, since no better answer presents itself at this time. Also the names COOPER and PULTENEY repeat again in later generations. Many primary records were destroyed during the multitude of wars since 1590. Wharton Dickinson, the genealogist, seems to have thought Henry was correct. Wesley Baker could not find Henry's records in England. Wharton Dickinson made numerous addendums to his materials, and made more than one trip back to England. Philemon (Feleaman) Dickerson is listed as servant to Benjamin Cooper, which seems to mean that he was indentured to Benjamin Cooper. However, records seem to think that Henry was nephew or son to Benjamin. If Henry Dickerson married a COOPER, he might have sent his son with his grandfather to the colonies. This was commonplace in this time. Henry married Barbara Cooper, daughter of Benjamin Cooper of Brampton, Suffolk County, England.. Henry died in 1636.

Descendants of Philemon Dickerson by Wesley L. Baker. Mr. Baker published the book in 1979 and 1983. 1983 has an additional chapter (83). If my memory serves me right, I was told six boxes of his papers were donated to the NJ Historical Society, Newark, NJ. I believe this Society is now on Park Avenue.

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