The Dabrowski Family - Part Three
Written and Researched by Nadia Larsen

This is an older photograph marked Wlodawa 1929 of Dabrowski family on a winter outing.
Wlodawa is located on the River Bug, about 75 miles south of Breze/Brest,
and approximately 60 miles north of Chelm.

Our Family Reunites

The most heart-warming event, an event which brought tears to everyone's eyes, was the rediscovery of all the lost family members. This was an ongoing campaign and many agencies were involved. The Red Cross was wonderful the world over. It was interesting that my father's first wife and her family were looking for him as well.

There is a story:

I was told by my half-brother (Wladek) and his wife, about a Gypsy woman who approached Roumald's (my father's) first wife, Josefa, in Wroclaw. The woman asked for money in exchange for Josefa's fortune. My father's first wife agreed to pay for her fortune and was told:

"Your husband is still alive!"

At this time, her son, Wladek, thought What does a Gypsy fortune teller know?.

Later on, Josefa saw the fortune teller again and asked:

"Will I ever see my husband again?"

The Gypsy woman answered:

"NO, you will not meet him again but your family will."

It seems that she got that almost right. Serendipity brought us all together again. Even if Romuald and his wife were not to meet, his family would meet his children by his second marriage and discover where their father was all that time, since the war.

My half-brother, Wladek, told me this story on our first meeting. He said:

"I hate to admit it but now I see the Gypsy woman was right both times!"

CLICK HERE to see us all reunited!!!

The purpose of this page is three-fold:

  • To tell a story about the reunion of my family and to give others inspiration to do the same
  • to keep our family together through the miracle of the internet
  • To possibly find more family members.

If you think you also relate to the Dabrowski Family and their related lines ... PLEASE contact the webmaster of this page. She will forward your letters to me. Or you can sign the guestbook.

Thank you,
Nadia (nee Dabrowska) Larsen.

Lena Krasnova (left) and Nina Dabrowski
(right) were reunited in 1990. Lena holds the
sign in her hand with her sister's name, so they
could identify each other at the airport.

CLICK HERE for the transcribed newspaper article from The Courier-Gazette, Rockland, Maine (1990).

August 2001 - Left is my half-brother
Wladek Dabrowski (age 62)
In the center is my mother, Nina Dabrowska (age 79).
On the right is my late half-brother, Michal Dabrowski (age 61)
They are all standing at the grave of
Jozefa Dabrowska, our father's first wife.
This event occured 3 years after her death.
Since my visit, I am sad to say that my brother
Michael passed away on November 8, 2005.
He is buried next to his mother.

Close-up of the tombstone
Josefa Dabrowska: Born April 2, 1915 and
died January 19, 1998. Josepha died thirteen years after Romuald, our father.

My Aunt Maria (age 79) and I, August 2001
My Aunt had not seen her brother (Romuald) since she was
16 years old. Maria was born in 1922. She
thought he had died and had no idea that Romuald
had 2 sons in Poland, and 3 children in Israel.
When my grandfather (their father) objected to
Romuald's marriage to Josefa, he never came back
to see the family or contacted them in any way.

Left to right: My late half-brother, Michal Dabrowski,
Myself, Wladek Dabrowski, and my sister Mary (age 45) from
Israel. My brother from Israel could not attend.


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