Generation One:

Phillippe Le Caude, of Jersey, married Martha Le Brocq, of Guernsey, on September 15, 1692, in St. Brelades Parish on the Island of Jersey.

In 1698, Phillippe Lagody, McCody, Mocody, or Cody (as the records show in different spellings) was in Beverly, Massachusetts, where he was recorded as purchasing a horse. He lived there for twenty-five years as a farmer. He and his eife, Martha, were members of the First Church of Beverly. Phillippe and Martha had six children. In 1723, they moved to Hopkins, Massachusetts, and stayed there until Phillippe died in 1743.

Generation Two:

Joseph Cody (1700-1736) married Mary Martin.

Generation Three:

Phillip Cody (1729-1808) married Abigail Emerson.

Generation Four:

Phillip Cody (1770-1850) married Lydia Martin (who boasted an Irish noble line).

Generation Five:

Isaac Cody was born on September 15, 1811, in Toronto Township, Peel County, Canada.

In 1828, they moved to Ohio and had a farm in Cleveland. Isaac died on March 10, 1857, and was buried in the Pilot Knob Cemetary, Leavenworth, Kansas. Isaac married:

(1)Martha O'Connor, who died upon the birth of their daughter, Martha Cody, in 1835. Martha, his daughter, later married John Craine.

(2)Rebecca Summer of Medina County, Ohio. She died with children.

(3)Mary Ann Bonsell Laycock, daughter of Samuel Laycock (who was drowned at sea) and Hannah Taylor (d 1830).

Mary Ann Bonsell Laycock was descended from Josiah Bunting from Derbyshire, England, in 1690. They settled in Derby, Pennsylvania. Mary was a school teacher.

Generation Six

William Frederick Cody was born on February 26, 1846. He married Louisa Frederici on March 6, 1866. William died January 10, 1917, and was buried on Lookout Mountain, near Denver, Colorado.

Generation Seven

Generation Eight


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