WILLIAM FREDERICK CODY (alias "Buffalo Bill")
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William Frederick Cody was born on February 26, 1846, near Le Claire in Scott County, Iowa; to Isaac Cody (1811-1857) and Mary Ann Bonsell Laycock. Mary was Isaac's third wife, and she died November 22, 1863. In 1853, the Cody Family moved to Salt Creek Valley, Kansas. William married Louise Frederici (of St. Louis) on March 6, 1866. William died on January 10, 1917; at the home of his sister, May Cody Decker, in Denver, Colorado; and is buried on Lookout Mountain, near Denver, Colorado.

William had four (4) children:

William also had three (3) grandchildren:

More About the Cody family is at: The Cody Family

"Buffalo Bill" made the cowboy famous through his Wild West Shows. He was also said to have loved children, most likely because of the pain involved in the death of two of his own children before they reached adulthood. This page is dedicated to him.


My hubby's alter ego as Buffalo Bill


"Buffalo Bill" Cody had done Pony Express riding, buffalo shooting, scouting, Indian fighting, some cowpunching, and a good lot of yarnin' (boasting and truth stretching).

Beginning in the 1870's, Cody embarked on a career as producer and star in Western melodramas. By 1873, he had planted the seeds of the Wild West Show that made him famous. Buffalo Bill was a showman extraordinaire. His show went to Europe and all over the USA. Bill Cody made the cowboy famous. Cody's show featured Annie Oakley and Miss Lillian Smith (sharpshooters); Johnny Baker, the Cowboy Kid; Jim Kid, champion roper; a herd of wild buffalo, Indian ponies, mountain elk, Texas steers, Mexican burros, mountain lions, coyotes, deer, antelope, mountain sheep, etc. Stars also included Mexican vaqueros, Russian Cossacks, and Native Americans (including Sitting Bull).

William F. Cody basically began the cowboy trend of the twentieth century, which will surely continue in the movies of the twenty-first century. He had many admirers and many copied his Wild West Shows. The legends of the West still are a part of our life and there are many people who keep it alive.

There were many men who tried to copy Cody's act. One even claimed to be his son. See: Frederick Samuel Cowdery, alias Samuel Cody for more about this.

For more information SEE: Modern Cowboys

Below are some facts about William Frederick Cody, better known as "Buffalo Bill."




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