Clint Eastwood's Bartholomew Line
Researched and written by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska, B.F.A.


William Bartholomew and Fridewide Metcalfe of Mass.


William Bartholomew married Anna Lord


William Bartholomew (b. 1640-1) married in Roxbury, Massachusetts on December 1663 to Mary Johnson, daughter of Capt. Isaac Johnson and Elizabeth Porter. Mary was born April 24, 1642, and was living in Branford, Connecticut, in 1705.


Andrew Bartholomew was born October 11, 1670 and christened December 4, 1670, in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Andrew lived in Branford, Woodstock, and Wallingford. Andrew died in Wallingford between 1752 and 1755. He married Hannah Frisbee in 1698. Hannah was born January 27, 1681/2 and died on February 2, 1741. Hannah was the daughter of John Frisbee and Ruth Bowers.

    Children of Andrew and Hannah Bartholomew:

  1. William Bartholomew was born February 2, 1699 and died abt. 1734.
  2. Susannah Bartholomew was born February 4, 1701/2 in Branford, Connecticut.
  3. Hannah Bartholomew was born August 17, 1704 and married Joseph Barker of Branford, on February 19, 1724.
  4. Samuel Bartholomew was born on September 12, 1706 and died in 1795 (at age 89).
  5. Daniel Bartholomews was born on October 16, 1707, and died October 25, 1777 (at age 70).
  6. Rebeccah Bartholomew was born on March 28, 1712. She married Peter Hall on October 19, 1732 in Brantford, Conn. Rebeccah died October 31, 1791 (at age 89). Peter died September 25, 1789 (age 90).
  7. Andrew Bartholomew was born November 7, 1714 and died March 6, 1776.
  8. Timothy Bartholomew was born February 28, 1716/7 and died April 27, 1749.
  9. Joseph Bartholomew was born on May 6, 1721, and died October 27, 1781.
  10. John Bartholomew was born February 8, 1723/4 and died around 1777.
  11. Martha Bartholomew


Joseph Bartholomew was born May 6, 1721 in Branford, Conn. He married, in Wallingford, on January 13, 1741/2 to Mary Sexton, and when Joseph died on October 27, 1781, she married (2) Benjamin Atwater. Mary died in 1814 (age 95). Joseph was a farmer in the SE part of Wallingford, near Branford.

    Children of Joseph and Mary Bartholomew:

  1. Hannah Bartholomew was born January 29, 1742/3 and married Ichabod Russell of New York, on November 3, 1763.
  2. Andrew Bartholomew was born November 24, 1744 and died August 3, 1818 (at age 74).
  3. Joseph Bartholomew was born on September 2, 1746 and died before 1752.
  4. Isaac Bartholomew was born in 1748 and died April 1821 (at age 73)
  5. Jonathan Bartholomew was born May 31, 1751 and died in Wallingford, Conn. on January 28, 1846 (age 96)
  6. Joseph Bartholomew was born August 25, 1752, and died May 21, 1808
  7. Ira Bartholomew was born in 1753. Ira died June 24, 1828 (at age 75)
  8. Mary Bartholomew was born in Wallingford, Conn. between 1757-8. She married Atwater Cook on October 26, 1777. Atwater died June 29, 1839 (at age 86), while Mary died July 2, 1844 (age 86). They resided in Salisbury, New York
  9. Moses Bartholomew was born in 1762, and died April 28, 1804.


Andrew Bartholomew was born in Wallingford, Conn. on January 24, 1744. He married (1) Rachel Royce on January 7, 1773. Rachel was the daughter of Ruben Royce of Wallingford. Rachel died on July 3, 1802. (2) Sarah Hubbell who died in 1830. Andrew died July 17, 1818 (age 74). Andrew was a farmer. He and his father commanded the military company of the town. They were said to be dark-skinned and large in built. The will of Andrew Bartholomew was dated August 3, 1818. Andrew's brother marred (2) Damarius Hall.

The Royce Family Line

Rachel Royce's father was the son of Joseph Royce, Jr. and Anna Andrews.

His grandfather was Joseph Royce and Mary Porter.

His great-grandfather was Nehemiah Royce and Hannah Morgan

    Children of Andrew and Rachel Bartholomew:

  1. Lois Bartholomew was born on May 31, 1774. Lois married (1)? Williams and had 5 children (2) ? Hobson, son of Sherman Hobson sometime after 1818.
  2. Wyllis Bartholomew was born June 21, 1777 and died April 6, 1846.
  3. Jesse Bartholomew was born July 28, 1779 and died circa 1812.
  4. Rachel Bartholomew was born April 10, 1781 and died childless.
  5. Andrew Bartholomew was born March 3, 1783, and died June 10, 1849.
  6. Noyes Dana Bartholomew was born April 2, 1785, and died September 11, 1869 in Galesburg, Illinois (at age 84)
  7. George Rice Bartholomew was born December 16, 1787 and died September 18, 1821
  8. Lavinia Bartholomew was born October 25, 1789 and married Alanson Lyman, son of David Lyman, sometime before 1818. Children: Henry Lyman, Sina Coe Lyman, and Charles Coe Lyman.
  9. Electa Bartholomew was born December 15, 1791 and married (1) Moses Robinson (2) Asa Chamberlain of Durham, Conn. Electa died on April 16, 1872 (at age 80). Children: Susan of Chicago, Illinois; Andrew, Rachel, Elizabeth, and Moses Robinson.
    Lewis, Martha, and Henry Chamberlain of New Haven, Conn.
  10. Hezekiah Bartholomew was born April 23, 1796 and died May 3, 1852.


Noyes Dana Bartholomew was born April 2, 1785 in Wallingford, Conn.

Noyes married Elizabeth Hall. Noyes died in Galesburg, Illinois March 11, 1869 (age 84)

Elizabeth Hall was the daughter of Samuel Hall(IV) and Elizabeth Parsons. Elizabeth was born March 11, 1790 and died October 30, 1869 (age 80).

Noyes was in the War of 1812. In 1837, he moved to Newburg, Illinois and built their first school house and Congressional Church. Noyes was a Whig up to 1856, then he joined the Republican party. He was also a farmer.

    The Children of Noyes and Elizabeth Bartholomew:

  1. Elizabeth H. Bartholomew was born April 12, 1810. She married (1)Calvin Cass in September 1833 (2) ? Osborne of Cedar Falls, Iowa
  2. Luzerne Bartholomew was born February 21, 1812, and died in 1865.
  3. Martha Rice Bartholomew was born October 14, 1814. Martha married Frederick S. Kellogg of Sheffield, on April 5, 1838. Martha died in Geneva, Illinois, in 1876. Martha and Frederick had no children.
  4. Sarah Easter Bartholomewwas born in June 1816, and died September 1837. Sarah was unmarried.
  5. Sophia Aurelia Bartholomew was born September 20. 1819. Sophia married, in 1840, to Madison L/K. Huse.(?) Sophia died March 1852 in Elmwood, Indiana. They had two children: Frank and Carroll.
  6. Samuel Dana Bartholomew was born March 8, 1821 and lived in Bueno Vista, Colorado.
  7. Hezekiah Bartholomew was born March 24, 1823, and lived in Elmwood, Illinois.
  8. Noyce Ellsworth Bartholomew was born June 17, 1826, and lived in Mound City, Kansas.
  9. Edward Franklin Bartholomew was born August 8, 1826, and lived in Pueblo, Colorado.
  10. Harriet Electra Bartholomewwas born January 29, 1831, and married September 28, 1854, to Alonzo E. Ellsworth. They lived in Council Grove, Kansas.


Edward Franklin Bartholomew was born August 8, 1828 in Wallingford, Conn. He married Cordelia Kellogg, twin sister of Cornelia Kellogg. Cordelia was the daughter of Edward Kellogg and Jane Hall. Her grandparents were Ephraim Kellogg, Jr. and Jane Ashley

Edward traveled to California in the fall of 1849, and his traveling group got lost in the mountains and did not reach their destination until February 1850.

In 1853, Edward returned to Illinois, and in 1862, he registered to fight in the Civil War. Edward was discharged from service in 1862, with a disability, after getting wounded. Edward had a hardware and agricultural implement business, in 1862, in Mound City, Kansas. Then in 1879, he went into the grocery business with his brother, Samuel Dana Bartholomew in Buena Vista, Colorado. Later on he is living in Pueblo, Colorado.

    The Children of Edward Franklin and Cordelia Bartholomew were:

  1. Adelbert R. Bartholomew was born June 20, 1854.
  2. Sophia A. Bartholomew was born March 19, 1859. Sophia married Charles Claude Runner on June 7, 1881.
  3. Edward A. Bartholomew was born June 9, 1862.
  4. Luna Bartholomew was born May 23, 1868.
  5. Walter Bartholomew was born October 1, 1873; and died October 25, 1873.
  6. There might be other children after Walter.


Sophia Aurelia Bartholomew was born March 19, 1859. She married Charles Claude Runner on June 7, 1881.


Waldo Errol Runner, a railroad executive, married Virginia May McLanahan. Waldo and Virginia had two daughters: Bernice and Margaret Ruth Runner. They also had a brother, Melvin. Waldo lived into his 90's.


Clinton Eastwood was born June 11, 1906 and died July 22, 1970, of a heart attack. Ruth's brother, Melvin also died of a heart attack in 1928 (at age 63). And Clinton's mother, Jesse Anderson died of cancer. Clinton married Margaret Ruth Runner was born September 1, 1909/10 and died October 16, 1992 in Sonoma, California. Clinton was a steelworker and a migratory worker during the depression. Margaret Ruth Eastwood married again, on October 1972, to John Belden Wood. Margaret and John first met when they were both on a Hawaiian vacation.

Clinton and Ruth met in Piedmont, California, when he was fifteen and she was thirteen. Clinton was the captain of their high school's football team, a member of the swimming team, and was an all-around out-going young man. Ruth wanted to be a ballet dancer, but when she grew too tall, all that ended. Clint Jr. would never forget his father's death, it greatly affected him and he vowed to eat well and to exercise to keep himself healthy.


Jeanne Eastwood

Clinton Eastwood, Jr. was born May 31, 1930 at 5:35 p.m., in Saint Francis Hospital, San Francisco, California. He weighed in at 11 lbs, 6 oz. and set a record for the hospital. Clint graduated from Oakland Technical High School in 1948. By 1950, he was in the Army Special Services at Ford Ord, Monterey, California. In the army he met actors David Janssen and Martin Milner. They told him to move to Los Angeles, which he did in 1954, after his military service was complete. Clint took a screen test and signed a contract with Universal Studios. One year before this he married Margaret Johnson. Clinton, Jr. went on to be a actor, director, producer, and composer. Clint married (1) Margaret "Maggie" Johnson . a model, on December 1953 (at age 23). Maggie was a bathing suit model and, they divorced in 1980. Clint married (2) Dina Ruiz, a former TV anchor woman, on March 31, 1996, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Clint and Dina's daughter is named Morgan [b.1997].

Clint owns a 22-acre Mission Ranch in Carmel, California, where he once served as mayor.


Mystic River was his 24th feature film as a director. The Movie earned the following awards [see table below].


Best Actor in a Leading Role - Sean Penn
Best actor in a supporting role - Tim Robbins


Excellence in Production Design Award for a Feature Film/Contemporary Film - Henry Bumstead


BSFC Award Best Ensemble Cast

Sean Penn
Tim Robbins
Kevin Bacon
Laurence Fishburne
Marcia Gay Harden
Laura Linney
Kevin Chapman
Tom Guiry
Emmy Rossum
Spencer Treat Clark

ALso won "Best Picture."


Won BFCA Award Best Actor - Sean Penn
Best Supporting Actor - Tim Robbins


Won Golden Coach - Clint Eastwood


2004 Won CFCA Award Best Supporting Actor - Tim Robbins


2004 Won DFWFCA Award Best Actor - Sean Penn


2004 Won FFCC Award Best Actor - Sean Penn
[Also for 21 Grams (2003)]
Best Supporting Actor - Tim Robbins


2004 Won Golden Globe Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama
Sean Penn
2004 Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
Tim Robbins


Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama -Sean Penn
[Also for 21 Grams (2003)].
Best Screenplay, Adapted - Brian Helgeland

***Sean Penn also won for the best actor from Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards, National Board of Review,
Vancouver Film Critics CIrcle, and London Critics Circle
Film Awards.


Director of the Year - Clint Eastwood


2003 Best Picture


2004 Won NSFC Award Best Director - Clint Eastwood


2004 Won Sant Jordi Best Foreign Film (Mejor Película Extranjera) - Clint Eastwood


2004 Won Actor Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role- Tim Robbins


Won Seattle Film Critics Award Best Supporting Actress - Marcia Gay Harden


2003 Won SEFCA Award Best Screenplay, adapted Brian Helgeland


2004 Won USC Scripter Award - Brian Helgeland (screenwriter)and Dennis Lehane (author)
Tied with Gary Ross and Laura Hillenbrand for Seabiscuit (2003).


2003 Won UFCA Award Best Film


    Clint's Children:

  • Kimber Eastwood was born June 17, 1964, at Cedars Sinai Hospital, in Santa Monica, to Roxanne Tunis. Kimber worked in her dad's movie, Absolute Power.

  • Kyle Eastwood was born May 19, 1968, in Los Angeles, California, to Maggie (nee Johnson) Eastwood. Kyle worked in his dad's movie, Honky-Tonk Man and Outlaw Josey Wales. Kyle is a musician. Kyle, a musician, played his music in two of his father's film scores: The Unforgiven and The Bridges Of Madison County.

  • Alison Eastwood was born May 22, 1972 to Maggie (nee Johnson) Eastwood. Alison was also in Absolute Power as an art student who admires the master thief's work. Alison was also in Tightrope with her dad.

  • Scott Clinton Reeves was born March 21, 1986, in Carmel, California, USA. His mother Jacelyn Allen Reeves, was a former flight attendant. "Jacelyn lived in the Carmel area. Scott grew up in Hawaii. In 2006, Scott made his film debut in Flags of Our Fathers (2006), directed by his father. He has since co-starred in the sports drama Invictus (2009), as union rugby player Joel Stransky, horror sequel Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013), as Deputy Hartman, and war action film Fury (2014), as Sergeant Miles. Scott plays the lead, Luke Collins, in the romantic drama The Longest Ride (2015), opposite Britt Robertson, and will co-star in the drama Snowden (2015). Scott is the paternal half-brother of Kimber Eastwood, Kyle Eastwood, Alison Eastwood, Francesca Eastwood and Morgan Eastwood. Stepson of Dina Eastwood. The birth certificates for Scott and his younger sister Kathryn state "father declined". However, he is seen in photos with this dad and other half-siblings.

    On his father's side, Scott is the grandson of Clinton Eastwood and Margaret Ruth Runner. On his mother's side, Scott is the grandson of Maxwell Scott Reeves and Bertha Miriam Wordsworth.

  • Kathryn Ann Eastwood was born in 1988 to Jacelyn Allen Reeves

  • Francesca Colette Ruth Fisher Eastwood was born August 7, 1993 to Frances Fisher (actress).

    Frances Fisher was born May 11, 1952, and she worked in New York in the soap operas: "The Edge of Night" and the "Guiding Light" for 14 years before moving to Los Angeles, California. She was in Clint's Pink Cadillac and The Unforgiven as "Strawberry Alice."

  • Morgan Eastwood was born December 12, 1996, and weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz. She was born to Clint's second wife, Dina (nee Ruiz) Eastwood. Dina was a TV news anchorwoman in Salinas, California. Clint was 65 years old at their marriage, she was 30.

    In August 2013, Dina Eastwood announced that she and her husband had been living separately for an undisclosed length of time. On October 23, 2013, Eastwood's wife filed for divorce after she withdrew her request of a separation citing irreconcilable differences. She asked for full physical custody of their 16-year-old daughter, Morgan, as well as spousal support. By this time, Eastwood, 83, was having a relationship with Erica Tomlinson-Fisher, 41.

      Clint's Grandchildren:

  • Graylen Eastwood was born in 1994 to his son Kyle Eastwood (son of Maggie).
  • Clinton Eastwood was born in 1984 to Kimber Eastwood, his daughter by Roxanne Tunis.


    Oakland Technical High School in Oakland, California
    Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, California, where he was earning a degree in Business under the GI. Bill. However, he never graduated.

    His daughter Alison lists Clints favorite things as: popcorn, movies, and pumpkin pie.

    Clint: The Life and Legend by Patrick McGillian, was the subject of a $10 million dollar lawsuit against the author saying that his book shredded his image as a family man. This book lists a teenage starlett name Jill Banner; Inger Stevens; JoAnn Harris, Catherine Deneuve, Sondra Locke, and Sean Seberg as Clint's mistresses.


    Birth name Clinton Eastwood Jr.
    Occupation Actor, Director, Producer
    Birthday May 31, 1930 (86 in 2016)
    Sign Gemini
    Chinese Sign Horse (element: Metal)
    Birthplace San Francisco, California, USA
    Height 6' 4" (1m93)
    Awards 2003 Screen Actors Guild Awards: Life Achievement Award
    1993 Academy Awards: Best Director (for Unforgiven)
    1993 Golden Globe Awards: Best Director - Motion Picture (for Unforgiven)
    1989 Golden Globe Awards: Best Director - Motion Picture (for Bird)
    1988 Golden Globe Awards: Cecil B. DeMille Award

    Information from

    Clint Eastwood's Mayflower Line
    Clint and I Showing our trees.


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