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Casimir W. Sypniewski, Lawyer
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska

I first found Casimir W. Sypniewski in the Ellis Island Records.

Ellis Island Records

Name of Passenger..... .....Residence..... ....Arrived.... .....Age on Arrival..... .....Coming from
Casimir W.Sypniewski Pittsburg, Pa. 1918 41 Posen, Germany

This record showed Casimir's return to Pittsburgh after his trip to visit his relatives in Poland.

Casimir W. Sypniewski was born in Posen, Germany on January 17, 1877. His father was Anthony Sypniewski and his mother was Anastasia Marcinkowski. His father came to LaSalle, Illinois in 1883. His mother and Casimir (age 7) followed in 1884. Casimir got a Bachelor's of Arts degree and was a teacher for a time. He then studied for his law degree and got his Bachelor's of Law in 1903. Casimir was admitted to the Bar in Michigan and then moved to Pittsburgh where he taught for a short time until establishing himself as a lawyer. After two years, Casimir practiced law with F.A. Picjarski (Pickarski & Sypniewski) from 1905-1914. From 1914 onward he had his own office at:

#436 Guthrie Building
Diamond Street
Pittsburgh, PA.

Casimir W. Sypniewski was a member of the Polish National Alliance and held the high office of Censor.>P? Sypniewski attended St Hyacinth's Catholic Church in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He married Mary A. Grajewski on June 27, 1921 and lived at:

Darragh Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

He had a daughter Ava who is listed as entering the University of Pittsburgh in 1931. She was a student in Wilkinson High School(Harper, Frank C., Pittsburgh Today: Its Resources and People, Volume 4, Pittsburgh, PA.)

1910 Census: Pittsburgh,taken May 3, 1910, Allegheny County, PA.: On Pennsylvania Avenue

  • Frank Modjeski - head - age 29 - born in Germany - 1884 - speaks English - Car Inspector for the Railroad
  • Eugenia Modjeska - wife - age 26 - born in Russia/Lithuanian - 1887 - speaks English
  • Gertrude Modjeska - daughter - age 6 - born in Pennsylvania - speaks English
  • Albert Modjeski - son - age 3 - born in Pennsylvania - speaks English
  • Florence Modjeska - daughter - age 7 months - born in Pennsylvania
  • Casimir W. Sypniewski - boarder - age 35 - born in Russia/Poland - 1875 - Parents born in Russia/Poland - Speaks English - Attorney-at-law
  • Felicia Armalona - mother-in-law - age 50 - 1887

I also found a graphic portrait of C.W. Sypniewski - lawyer at:

Historic Pittsburgh Click on p. 183 for the portrait.

What is interesting is that they both Kasimierz/Casimir were connected to a family called Modjeska/Modzelewska of Pittsburgh. One roomed with them and one married Weronica Modzielewska.

I am not sure if this Casimir connects to the other Casimir in Glassport, PA. However, our family said there were "cousins" in Pittsburgh. This will have to be proven.

Glassport Sypniewskis

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