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The name Buckley is English. It means "one who came from Bulkeley (bullock pasture), in Cheshire, England." The name also means "the handsome cleric or scholar." A town named Buckley is now in Clwyd, Wales, on the border with England. Cheshire is associated with the Earls of Chester. Their castle later was sold to Henry III (who reigned from 1216-1272) in 1264. Beeston Castle of Cheshire was also the stronghold of Richard II. He was said to have hid his royal treasure in Beeston in 1399. Chester, Cheshire was a Royalist town from the start of the English Civil War, and it suffered for its royalty with almost three years of semi-starvation during various sieges. A shrine to St. Walburga, Princess of Mercia is in Chester.


The Cheshire Buckley arms is shown above. It is a griffin's head, gules. between wings of the same, bezantec (Fairbairn, James. Fairbairn;s Crests of Families of Great Britain and Ireland. New York: Bonanza Books, 1983.).



Rev. Edward Bulkeley was thought to have been born circa 1540 in Bedfordshire, England. Edward died on January 5, 1620/21, at age 80. Edward Bulkeley was the son of Thomas Bulkeley & Elizabeth Grosvenor. In 1577, when Edward was 37 years of age, he married Olive Irby, in England.

Olive Irby was born in 1547 in Odell, Bedfordshire, England. Olive died on March 10, 1614/15, at age 67. Olive is buried in Odell, Bedfordshire, England. Olive Irby was the daughter of John Irby & Rose Overton.


The Children of Rev. Edward Bulkeley & Olive Irby:

01. Frances Bulkeley was born circa 1568 and she married Richard Welby
02. Martha Bulkeley was born circa 1572 and she married Abraham Mellowes.
03. Dorcas Bulkeley was born circa 1577 and she married Anthony Ingoldsby.
04. Sarah Bulkeley was born circa 1580 in Odell, England, She married Oliver St John
05. Peter Buckeley was born on January 31, 1583, and died in 1659. He married Jane Allen.

Peter Bulkeley was a rector in Odell. (see Beds Mag., ii, 30-2). He was suspended during the dissolution of the monastaries. He was born in the village and succeeded his father as rector in 1624. Although a faithful member of the Church of England, he could not accept the Laudian discipline and used neither a surplice nor the sign of the cross in baptism. He emigrated to New England and helped to found the city of Concord, Massachusetts, where be became its first minister.

How this family evolves to modern times is not known to me.

However, this is the family to which this website is devoted:



Byron Buckley married my grandmother's sister, Murilla Mae Dickerson. Mae was born on September 23, 1881, in Sumpter Township, Wayne County, Mi. She was the daughter of William Seward Dickerson and Ermina Crysler. Mae died April 1956.

Lyle A. Buckley, Jr. was born on November 16, 1909, and died October 21, 1991. Lyle married my grandmother;s youngest sister, Lena Ermina Dickerson. Sister of Mae. Lena was born on January 29, 1899. and she died on March 7, 1961. Lyle Buckley was born on February 27, 1897 and died in March 1967 in La Mesa, California.


Lyle and Lena had two daughters:

1. Marie Buckley married ____Hines. Marie died in 2005. 2. Clara Mae Buckley married August "Red" Veth

They had a son, Gary Veth who married ____Williams. They presently live in California.


Generation One:

(1) Charles Calvin Buckley (1858-1928) married Nellie LeRoy/Le Ray (1857-1928)

Generation Two: - Charles Nelson Buckley was born January 11, 1881 in Marion, New York. He lived in Muskegon, Michigan, 49441, and died in Badenton, Florida in December 1967.
Charles married Mary Jordon, daughter of Patrick Jordon (1857-1926) and Irena ? (1863-1934) thought to be part Canadian Algonquin Indian. Charles and Mary married on August 4, 1904. On their marriage license he is listed as living in La Crosse, Wisconsin; and Mary lived in Chicago, Illinois.

(2)Eva Buckley

Generation Three:

1-Charles Arden Buckley was born December 14, 1907, and died May 31, 1990 (social security records).

2-Kenneth Nelson Buckley (1911-2000) dies in Muskegon, Michigan. He married Veronica Fazackerley (b. March 1914), daughter of William Fazackerley and Julia O'Connor of Irish descent. Veronica's grandparents were: Peter Fazackerley and Emilia Bennett of Manchester, England.

Origin of the Name Fazackerley
The Land and Family of the Fazackerley Family

Generation Four:

1- Judith A Buckely (b. 1939)married (1) Gallo (2) Richard Pavitt of Chelsea, MI. No isssue. Richard had a son by his first marriage.
2 - Mary Buckley


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