The Brzechwa Family of the Jastrzebiec Clan
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska

The Brzechwa Family belongs to the Jastrzebiec Clan.

Information about the family of Brzechwa surname "de Wrzaca" was given in the yearbook Volume 1, page 160, in "Critical Notes" by Mr. Edmund Callier/Collier in Lech in 1879:

The Brzechwa family has served Poland for at least three centuries, but has produced no Senators. Their deeds are well-documented. Jan Brzechwa was a member of the Cavalry squadron of Pieniazek, with twelve (12) horsemen and bowmen at the Battle of Moscow. Jan was the standard bearer for his friend, Pieniazek. Jan Brzechwa was told to have jumped upon the wall of the fortification, and though he was severly wounded, did not leave the wall. His comrades were battered with enemy shells, and alone could remove him from the wall, while others took his place. Many lost their lives by the hand of the Muscovites.

In the course of the fighting their flag was left hanging on a tree and the Muscovites tried to climb this same tree to remove it. However, the King's page, Saporowski, captured the flag and he held the wall until nightfall.

In many significant battles, Brzechwa proved himself with his sword, as he fought in campaigns in many countires. (Paprocki, Coats of Arms of the Knights of Poland).

Lt. Colonel Onufry Brzechwa, Commander of the 17th Cavalry Regiment, honorable descendant of Jan, proved himself to Prince Josef Poniatowski and Napoleon.

Besides being representative to the Sejm, the Brzechwa family had members in the Podkimorzy, a Sheriff, an Ensign, a Steward, a Cupbearer, and Burgraff, three Abbots, and two authors. One of the Abbots was of the barefoot Carmelita Order of monks. Perhaps even the first Polish Carmelita monk. The other was of the Jesuit order.




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