Artwork above right is called "Bear Man" © Alicia Austin

The giant bear of the peninsula
was so abundant, at one time, that his
tribe had worn deep trails, three by
three feet in the tundra, and his masses
wore steps and paths in the rocks they
passed over ... Larry Kaniut


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Although the United States forces in Guam used Navajo Code Talkers to relay field commands
over the radio communications, to confuse the Japanese, No one seems to promote the idea that


The Mohawks performed this duty during the invasion of Europe during World War II. They
worked with General George Patton's Third Army. Apparently, there were no Germans around
who could speak Mohawk! It was thought that a German professor, called back to active duty,
could possibly understand Navajo, therefore a new Native
American language was used.

(Berlitz, Charles. Native Tongues. New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 1982, 263-264)

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