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Cooks Corner

I thought since it is canning season I would share a couple of canning recipies with you all. I enjoy canning and I hate to buy certain things in the store anymore because I have been canning them for years. Personally homemade is always better.

Deb's Stewed Tomatoes


green peppers
salt & pepper
I didn't put down the amount of vegatables because it varries depending on how big a batch you make. Now for those of you that have never canned before please buy yourself a Ball Canning book or go on line and check out how to can. It is not as hard as most assume and your can involve the whole family. Believe it or not you really can save some cash by having a garden and canning your own.

I normally use a large hot water bath canner to cook my vegetables in. Follow the directions on your canning book and try zuccini in with the tomatoes, I think you will enjoy it. Plus it is a great filler and makes your tomatoes go farther. Truth be known you can only eat so much zuccini bread.

My White Bread


I learned to make bread from my mother in-law. She made it every week, me not as much but often. My family loves it and too tell the truth it doesn't take as long as you think.

It helps if the utensils are warm and not cold so, if you are using a metal bowl to mix with and you can do this with your mixer... warm up the bowl by running warm water over it.

In the bowl place 2 cups warm water, sugar and yeast; whisk together. Then cover with a clean towel and set aside for 5 minutes. I normally set the timer.

After 5 minutes's uncover the yeast, you should see that it is foamy that means that the yeast has proofed and you are ready to go. Add the oil, salt and start out with 1 Cup of flour. I add one cup at a time. If I am using my mixer I have the dough hook in and just let it mix for a couple of minutes between each cup of flour that I add. When you have added about 4 cups to the mix, your mixer is gonna say "I have had enough" . Take out the dough and add the rest buy hand kneading.

Now if you have never kneaded dough before I'll give you my method. It is the diaper fold. yep that's what I said. you have a round mass of dough on the counter, punch down making a whole in the middle add some flour maybe a hand full(about 1/4 c).. then fold the sides together and the top toward you turn over and punch down in the middle and then fold sides inward and the top down. Continue folding and punching till flour is mixed in and add more flour as needed. You want to continue adding flour till you have a nice smooth surface that is not sticky. Grease a large plastic bowl with olive oil. Then lay your dough face down then turn right side up. cover with plastic lid or plastic wrap. You should have this in a draft free zone. I normally have my oven on 170* the door slightly ajar. and sit the bowl on the counter near the back of the stove. Anyway it has to rise till double. Anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

After it rises punch down in middle and split in half. shape the dough into two loaves. Butter two bread tins and place bread in pans.*NOTE* do not use cold tins. While your dough is rising just put your tins on top of stove to warm them up... beware they can be to hot also.. Pretend your Goldie Locks and make them just right.

Cover your two loaf pans with a clean towel and let rise. Bake at 350* for 35 minutes.

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