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Osmond Gazette September 2010

Dear Family

I have not been posting new web pages because frankly I don't think anyone really cares about seeing them. The only person who sends me pictures on a regular basis is Irene. To you Irene, I am sorry they have not been posted you are my only faith full sender. Jean, my e-mail has not changed it is I have posted any pictures that I receive no matter from whom. Looking at my e-mail from the last 7 months I have one from Jean and one from Marie and many from Irene. That is it. You will find the pictures up on the picture pages. It is difficult to give up-dates about the family when you don't let me know what they are. My ESP Left me many years ago.

I will be happy to keep the web site going if you all will participate. The choice is yours.

Because this update has been along time coming I will leave this posted for the next 4 weeks. Please let me know if you wish it to continue. If you have any comments, questions or complaints please contact me..not my mother... My mother doesn't need to have anyone harass her about the job her daughter is doing or not doing.

Thanks to all who have participated.

Special Announcements

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Birthdays & Anniversaries

  • 9/7 Sue Brandt
  • 9/14 Marie & Ray Simons
  • 9/14 Tom Osmond
  • 9/16 Tony Osmond
  • 9/19 Jared Osmond
  • 9/20 Henry Messner
  • 9/21 Helen & Brian Berkobien
  • 9/23 Tim Simons
  • 9/26 Chet Osmond