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Pennfield Duelist League 2004

Official Rules


Disclaimer: All of the following regulations are at the discretion of the President and Vice President of PDL, Nicholas Gillim, and James Burrett.


I.                   Becoming a member

a.      Read the NDL04 Official Rules before registering.

b.     Membership is free.

c.     Have a brief interview with the President or Vice President.

II.                Official Members

a.      The top 8 duelists will exist on the leader board.

b.     Duels will only be valid for experience in the dueling area located at Level 2 Section 2 of 9013 Bellevue Rd. Battle Creek, MI USA.

III.             Tournament Play

a.      Tournaments will be setup by the President and/or Vice President.

b.     You may not reconstruct your deck in the middle of a tournament. You may however swap between your main and side decks.

c.     Contestant count can be 4, 7, 8, 15, or 16 duelists.

d.     Tournament matches are timed at 45 min. ea.

                                                              i.      (YuGiOh Official Rules state that duelist must be allowed at least 40 min.)

e.      If time runs out during a match

                                                              i.      Round 1

1.     Highest Life Points Wins

                                                            ii.      Round 2

1.     Winner of 1st duel Wins

                                                          iii.      Round 3

1.     Highest Life Points Wins

f.       Winners move to upper 2nd level.

g.     Losers move to lower 2nd level.

h.     Sec. III e and f continue for each level until last is reached.

IV.            Regular Game Play

a.      You may only challenge a position higher than your own.

b.     If Challenger wins

                                                              i.      Challenger takes position of Opponent

                                                            ii.      Others move down one level to balance

c.     If Opponent wins

                                                              i.      All positions remain the same

d.     If a Draw is concluded

                                                              i.      All positions remain the same

e.      Challengers may challenge any number of times, but the opponent is only required to accept one challenge per day.

f.       Opponents may obviously challenge the challenger back if they have not challenged them yet.

g.     Winners receive one NDL Standard Pack

V.               League Scoring System

a.      All duelists start at level 1

b.     After a duel is won

                                                              i.      Same level – Gain 10 exp.

                                                            ii.      Higher level – Gain 10 + (difference in levels) exp.

                                                          iii.      Lower level – Gain 10 – (difference in levels) exp.

c.     After a duel is lost

                                                              i.      Gain 1 exp. Regaurdless of level

d.     Gain 50 exp.

                                                              i.      Advance 1 level

                                                            ii.      Earn one PDL Card pack (8 common + 1 rare)

e.      Elimination Tournament Bonus exp.

                                                              i.      1st place = 8 exp.

                                                            ii.      2nd place = 7 exp.

                                                          iii.      3rd place = 6 exp.

                                                         iv.      4th place = 5 exp.

                                                           v.      5th place = 4 exp.

                                                         vi.      6th place = 3 exp.

                                                       vii.      7th place = 2 exp.

                                                     viii.      8th place = 1 exp.

VI.            Dueling Regulations

a.      Coin flip, or dice roll will decide which shall choose the first duelist to make their move.

b.     If a card is drawn when shouldn’t be, card must be placed at the bottom of the deck, regardless of accident

                                                              i.      Doesn’t apply if neither duelist has seen the card.

c.     Negative Sportsmanship will result in suspension from dueling in the arena for 24 hrs. from the suspension time.

                                                              i.      If suspended during a tournament, any matches will result in a loss.

d.     The President or Vice President will be the only officials will give the final judgment on card rulings if not already specified in the NDL03 Official Rules.

e.      All rules in the v.3.0 YuGiOh! Trading Card Game Manual will apply.

f.       Stealing or damaging of any opponents cards will result in surrendering all owned cards to the President (only for safe keeping) for 15 days.

g.     Once a card is put into play and is out of the duelist’s hand, the move is validated and cannot be taken back.

                                                              i.      Doesn’t apply if the card cannot be legally played.

VII.         Limited Cards

a.      Duelists may have no less than 40 cards in their deck.

b.     If a side deck is constructed, 15 cards must exist in it, no more, no less.

c.     The following cards are either restricted, limited to one, or limited to two in a deck. Cards not on the list are limited to 3 of each.

d.     Restricted Cards

Obelisk the Tormentor

Slifer the Sky Dragon

The Winged Dragon of Ra

(Counterfeit Cards)

(Japanese Cards)

e.      Limited

f.       II. Limited Cards

You can ONLY use one of the following cards in the Deck & Side Deck combined:

Breaker the Magical Warrior
Call of the Haunted
Card Destruction
Change of Heart
Cyber Jar
Dark Hole
Delinquent Duo
Exiled Force
Exodia the Forbidden One
Fiber Jar
Graceful Charity
Harpie’s Feather Duster
Heavy Storm
Imperial Order
Injection Fairy Lily
Left Leg of the Forbidden One
Left Arm of the Forbidden One
Mage Power
Magic Cylinder
Mirage of Nightmare
Mirror Force
Monster Reborn
Morphing Jar
Painful Choice
Pot of Greed
Premature Burial
Reckless Greed
Right Arm of the Forbidden One
Right Leg of the Forbidden One
Ring of Destruction
Sinister Serpent
Snatch Steal
Swords of Revealing Light
The Forceful Sentry
Tribe-Infecting Virus
Twin-Headed Behemoth
United We Stand
Upstart Goblin
Witch of the Black Forest

III. Semi-Limited Cards

You can ONLY use two of the following cards in the Deck & Side Deck combined:

Creature Swap
Last Turn
Marauding Captain
Morphing Jar #2
Nobleman of Crossout
Reinforcement of the Army

NOTE: "Backup Soldier" & "Limiter Removal" are no longer limit

VIII.      Card Rulings (from Upper Deck Entertainment)

Main Rules

All flip effects work when the monster is destroyed

You many hold only 6 cards in your hand by your end phase!

A Normal Summon (including a Tribute Summon) can only be played in face-up Attack Position. A Set can only be played in face-down Defense Position.

Playing a Toon Monster is a Special Summon. Toon Monsters cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. To Special Summon a Toon Monster, you need your OWN Toon World on your side of the field. You still have to Tribute for high-level Toon Monsters (1 Tribute for "Toon Summoned Skull", 2 Tributes for "Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon", etc.). Because this is a Special Summon, you can Summon multiple Toon Monsters on the same turn.

If "Toon World", on either player's side of the field, is destroyed, all face-up Toon Monsters on the field are destroyed. If "Toon World" is returned to the hand, or sent to the Graveyard (but not "destroyed"), then Toon Monsters on the field are not destroyed.

If a Toon Monster is flipped face-down, and then "Toon World" is destroyed, the Toon Monster is not destroyed but cannot be Flip Summoned until a new "Toon World" is played. The Toon Monster can be flipped face-up with "Book of Taiyou", an attack, or "Swords of Revealing Light" even if "Toon World" is not on the field.


Flipping Face-Down: "Guardian Sphinx", "Royal Keeper", etc.

A card's position in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME can be changed in one of two ways:

1. A "manual" change. This is when you use your once-per-turn position change on a monster. You can't perform a manual change if the monster was Summoned or Set that turn, or if it already attacked that turn, or if its position has already changed that turn.

2. A change because of a card effect. You CAN change the position of a card with a card effect even if it already had its position changed that turn, or attacked, or was Summoned or Set that turn.


You can Set a monster like "Guardian Sphinx", Flip Summon it on your next turn (and get the effect), then flip it to face-down defense that same turn.

But you CANNOT Flip Summon it again that same turn after flipping it face-down again, because a Flip Summon requires a "manual" change and the "Guardian Sphinx"'s position has already changed this turn.

You can attack with your face-up "Guardian Sphinx", then flip it face-down. But you cannot Flip Summon it again that same turn.

If "Guardian Sphinx" is in face-up Defense Position, you can use "Guardian Sphinx"'s effect to flip it to face-down Defense Position. Also, you can then Flip Summon it that same turn. (It is not considered a change of battle position since "Guardian Sphinx" went from Defense Position to Defense Position).

When "Guardian Sphinx", etc., is flipped face-down using its effect, Equip Spell Cards equipped to it are destroyed. If Special Summoned with "Premature Burial", and then flipped face-down, "Premature Burial" is destroyed but "Guardian Sphinx" remains on the field. If Special Summoned with "Call of the Haunted", and then flipped face-down, "Call of the Haunted" remains on the field meaninglessly, and "Guardian Sphinx" remains on the field.

Effects such as "Guardian Sphinx", etc., which flip themselves face-down are considered Setting, so "Set" and face-down are the same situation. (So "Shadow of Eyes" may be used, etc.).


Union Monsters

Union Monsters are a special type of monster that have the ability to attach themselves to specific other monsters and become Equip Spell Cards, granting the effects printed on the Union Monster card.

In order to attach a Union Monster to another monster, you must first have the Union Monster as a monster on the field. So you must play the monster normally, then you can attach it. You cannot play a Union Monster as an Equip Spell Card directly from your hand.

You can Summon a Union Monster and attach it to another monster right away. You cannot attach a Union Monster and detach the same Union Monster during the same turn, unless a card effect specifically allows it (such as "Combination Attack").

Union Monsters only grant their special effects to a monster when equipped to that monster using the Union Monster's effect. So if Relinquished equips itself with a Union Monster, it gains none of the Union Monster's bonuses. Also, if Union Rider equips itself with a Union Monster, Union Rider gains none of the bonuses. The Trap Card "Formation Union" is considered to equip the Union Monster 'by its own effect' so the bonuses do activate.

A Union Monster that is attached to a monster is treated as an Equip Spell Card and can be destroyed with "Heavy Storm", etc. You can use "Magic Reflector" to place a counter on an equipped Union Monster and, if the equipped monster would be destroyed in battle, you can remove the counter instead so neither the equipped monster nor the Union Monster are destroyed.

A monster can only be equipped with 1 Union Monster at a time, but can still be equipped with other Equip Spell Cards such as "Axe of Despair", etc.

If an equipped monster is taken by the opponent (such as with "Snatch Steal"), the Union Monster remains where it is, although it is still equipped to the monster, and the player who controls the Union Monster can detach it and it is Special Summoned to that player's side of the field. (So if I have "X-Head Cannon" equipped with "Z-Metal Tank", and my opponent uses "Snatch Steal" on "X-Head Cannon", on my next Main Phase I can detach "Z-Metal Tank" and it is Special Summoned onto my side of the field because I still control it.)

If a Union Monster turns into an Equip Spell Card, or reverts back into a monster, effects are reset. For example, if I use "Call of the Haunted" to Special Summon a Union Monster, then attach it to another monster, it is no longer affected by "Call of the Haunted" (which remains on the field meaninglessly and, if destroyed, does not destroy the Union Monster). If I use "Limiter Removal" on a Union Monster, and equip it, it is not destroyed at the end of the turn, and if I turn it back into a monster its ATK is no longer doubled.



You may equip two of the same cards on to one monster.

The limit of equip is the number of empty Magic and Trap card zones on the field.

Archfiend Monsters
"Archfiend" is a special category of card introduced in the Dark Crisis expansion set. Most Archfiends can be identified by their name. Any card with "Archfiend" in the card name, is an Archfiend card. In addition, several older cards are also considered to be "Archfiends". These cards include:

Axe of Despair
B. Skull Dragon
Beast of Talwar
Fiend Skull Dragon
Lesser Fiend
Shadow Tamer
Summoned Skull
Toon Summoned Skull

Forced Requisition

You may only discard cards normally. This card does NOT entitle you to discard as many cards as you wish.

Man-Eater Bug /Hane-Hane

Q: What if "Man-Eater Bug" or "Hane-Hane" is the only monster that is on the field and it is flipped face-up?
A: “Man-Eater Bug” destroys itself if there is no other monster to destroy. "Hane-Hane" returns itself to your hand if there is no other monster to return.

Q: Does "Hane-Hane"'s effect occur even when the card is destroyed?
A: Yes.

Q: If a monster is destroyed from "Man-eater Bug"'s effect, is damage taken?
A: No damage is taken.

Wall of Illusion

Q: What happens if "Wall of Illusion" is attacked when it is in Attack Position, and wins? Is my opponent's monster sent to the Graveyard, or returned to its owner's hand?
A: It gets destroyed and doesn't go back in the owner's hand.

Required Cards for Fusion

Q: Do you have to have all the required cards (Fusion-Material Monsters and "Polymerization") in the Deck when you place Fusion Monster Cards in your Fusion Deck?
A: No. You can put Fusion Monsters in your Fusion Deck even though you do not have all the required cards for the Fusion. For example, you can use an opponent's monster card as Fusion-Material Monster by activating "Change of Heart" or "Monster Reborn".

Dark Hole /Raigeki

Q: If "Dark Hole" or "Raigeki" is activated and a monster is face-down, is the monster affected?
A: Yes. All monsters are destroyed, regardless of Battle Position.

Q: If your opponent has no monsters on the Field and "Raigeki" is played, is damage taken?
A: If there are no monsters on your opponent's side of the Field, "Raigeki" cannot be played.

Q: When "Raigeki" or "Dark Hole" is played, is damage taken when the monsters are destroyed?
A: If there are no monsters on your opponent's side of the Field, "Raigeki" cannot be played.

Q: When "Dark Hole", "Raigeki", or even "Man-Eater Bug"'s effect happens, do face down monsters get flipped up and use their effects before they are destroyed?
A: No. They are simply sent to the Graveyard.

Swords of Revealing Light

Q: When this card is destroyed or returned to the owner's hand, can the opponent then attack in that same turn?
A: When "Swords of Revealing Light" is destroyed via "Heavy Storm" or similar cards...yes, you can attack in the same turn, provided you destroyed it in Main Phase 1. If it is returned to your hand via "Giant Trunade" or similar cards, you cannot attack that same turn. "Swords of Revealing Light"'s effect stays in place until the end of that turn, because it was not destroyed.

Last Will

Q: What is the significance of "this card is active for one turn only”?
A: This means that "Last Will" is destroyed after activation. However, the effect remains during that turn. You can activate "Last Will" before your monster is sent to the Graveyard. This card is useful against opponent's Trap Cards such as "Mirror Force".

Q: When 1 monster is sent from the field to the Graveyard, can I Special Summon 2 monsters from my Deck by activating 2 "Last Will" cards?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: If you play "Last Will" and you Tribute two of your monster for a Special Summons, do you get to take two cards from your Deck as a Special Summons?
A: You can only take 1 monster Special Summoned per 1 "Last Will" card.

Q: Combining "Catapult Turtle" with "Last Will", can I Tribute a monster, then search my Deck for another monster to Tribute, then another, etc., until I have no more in my Deck? Then Tribute "Catapult Turtle"?
A: You can Special Summon 1 monster per 1 "Last Will". So, with this combination, you can offer two monsters (excluding "Catapult Turtle"). Therefore, this is not an infinite combination effect.

Change of Heart

Q: If I take control of my opponent's Set Flip Effect Monster using "Change of Heart", can I use its Flip Effect by Flip Summoning it?
A: Yes. You can use the Flip Effect Monster's effect by Flip Summoning it in the turn that “Change of Heart” is activated. After the end of that turn, it returns to your opponent's side of the field. However, since it remains face-up, opponent ends up losing a chance to activate its Flip Effect.

Q: If your opponent uses "Change Of Heart" and takes control of "Sangan", then uses it as a Tribute, does it go to my Graveyard and do I get its effect?
A: It goes to your Graveyard and you get the benefit of its effect. This same rule applies to "Witch Of The Black Forest".

Ultimate Offering

Q: Can "Ultimate Offering" be activated during my opponent's turn? If so, can I Normal Summon a monster in my opponent's turn?
A: Yes. However, you can Normal Summon or Set a monster only during your opponent's Battle Phase if you use this effect in your opponent's turn. Of course, you can also activate the effect in your turn, but only in your Main Phase.

Waboku /Kuriboh

Q: What exactly does "Waboku" do? How does it work?
A: "Waboku" is a Trap Card that is flipped during your opponent's Battle Phase to stop his attack and protect your monsters. No damage is taken by either player; no monsters are destroyed on either side. Face down monsters are flipped face up. This ends the Battle Phase when "Waboku" is flipped.

Q: What is the difference between the effects of "Waboku" and "Kuriboh"?
A: "Waboku" is a Trap Card that negates all damage from all your opponent's monsters to your own, and also negates Direct Damage to your Life Points during the turn it's activated. "Kuriboh" is a Multi-Trigger Effect Monster that can negate damage from only 1 of your opponent's monster to your Life Points. If you use "Kuriboh"'s effect when your monster takes Attack Damage, the attacked monster is destroyed but you receive no Life Points damage. Since "Kuriboh" is played from your hand, it is not affected by such cards as "Heavy Storm" and "Lord of D.".

Q: Can I use "Waboku" or "Kuriboh" against the Effect Damage of "Cannon Soldier" or "Catapult Turtle", etc.?
A: No. "Waboku"/ "Kuriboh" is only for Battle Damage (the damage as a result of a Battle Phase) and cannot defend against Effect Damage (the damage of Magic Cards, Trap Cards or Effect Monsters, such as "Ookazi" or "Cannon Soldier").

Q: Can you Chain Waboku to Heavy Storm?
A: Yes. If you activate "Waboku", the effect remains active throughout the turn, regardless of whether "Heavy Storm" is in play. This also applies to "Reinforcement" and "Castle Walls". "Heavy Storm" destroys the cards, but cannot negate their effects that have been activated, or activated by a Chain.

Robbin' Goblin

Q: When my opponent has an active "Robbin' Goblin" on the field, should I discard 1 card randomly from my hand if my opponent activates the effect of "Cannon Soldier" or "Catapult Turtle"?
A: No, the effect of "Robbin Goblin" is applied to Battle Damage ONLY. Therefore, damage from an Effect Monster's effect are EXCLUDED.


Q: If there are multiple monsters with the same lowest ATK on my opponent's side of the field, who will decide which monster is destroyed?
A: It is the player who activates "Fissure" that decides which monster is destroyed.

Q: Does "Fissure" still work if your opponent only has one face up monster on the Field?
A: Yes.

Trap Hole

Q: I understand that "Trap Hole" is for the monster that is Normal Summoned (including Tribute Summon) and Flip Summoned, but can I activate this card when my opponent Summons a monster with the card "Ultimate Offering"?
A: Yes. You can activate "Trap Hole" both during you and your opponent's turn when your opponent use "Ultimate Offering" and Summons a monster because it is considered a Normal Summon.

Q: Can "Trap Hole" be used at any time during my opponent's turn?
A: No. "Trap Hole" can only be used at the time of the summon. This includes Flip Summons.

Two-Pronged Attack

Q: Can I activate this card during the Battle Phase of my or my opponent's turn?
A: Yes. A Quick-Play Magic Card and Trap Card can be activated even during Battle Phase except for the Damage calculation, if its timing for activation is right. During Damage calculation, you can only use a Quick-Play Magic Card Trap Card that modifies the ATK and/or DEF. Also during the Battle Phase, Replay occurs only when the number of monsters is changed. Therefore, in this case, Replay is triggered when you activate this card during Battle Phase.


Q: Can I use "De-Spell" to destroy "Swords of Revealing Light"?
A: Yes. Because "Swords of Revealing Light" remains on the field until the end of 3rd opponent's turn, you can destroy it with "De-Spell".

Reinforcements & Castlewalls

Q: Can I activate 2 "Reinforcements" ("Castle Walls") cards and increase the ATK (DEF) of 1 selected monster by 1000 points?
A: Yes, you can.

Soul Exchange

Q: Can I use this card to Tribute monster "Cannon Soldier" or "Catapult Turtle"’s effect?
A: Yes, you can. Even if you have 5 monsters on your side of the field, you can use this card for that kind of effect. However, you cannot use this card for a Tribute Summon if you have 5 monsters on your side of the field. Also remember that if you use this card, you must skip your battle phase and you cannot activate it during Main Phase 2.

Q: Can you use "Soul Exchange" to get "Gate Guardian" (if your opponent has one of the three pieces)?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can you use "Soul Exchange" to get a Ritual Monster (to get the necessary Level)?
A: Yes, you can only when the level stars condition is fulfilled (You can not use if the condition is not fulfilled).

Q: Can you use "Soul Exchange" to get Fusion Cards (for a piece of the fusion; for example, your opponent has "Summoned Skull", you have "Red Eyes Black Dragon" in your hand/field, you use the "Polymerization" and "Soul Exchange", and you have "Black Skull Dragon" in your fusion deck)?
A: No. A Fusion Material Monster is NOT a Tribute Monster.

Trap Master /Reaper of the Cards

Q: Can I use this card on my own trap card? If an opponent has no Magic/Trap Cards on the field, what happens?
A: You can use this card against your own Trap Card. If an opponent has no Magic/Trap Cards on the field, you must flip 1 of your Magic/Trap Card face-up. If it is a Trap Card, it is destroyed.

The Wicked Worm Beast

Q: If this card is Set on the field, should this monster return to your hand at the end of your turn?
A: No. It returns to your hand only when it is face-up on the field at the end of your turn. If this monster destroyed as a result of the battle, it is sent to the Graveyard, and does not return to your hand. Also, if you have 7 or more cards in your hand after this monster returns, you have to discard cards so that your hand only has 6 cards at the end of your turn.

Lord of D.

Q: There are 2 kinds of text. Which effect is right?
A: "All Dragon-Type monsters cannot be targeted by Magic Cards, Trap Cards, or other effects that specifically designate a target while this card is face-up on the field." is the correct text. It appears on Unlimited Edition cards.

The Flute of Summoning Dragon

Q: Can I use this card, but not Special Summon any monster?
A: No. You cannot. You must Special Summon at least 1 Dragon-Type monster when you use this card.

Mysterious Puppeteer

Q: There are 2 kinds of text. Which effect is right?
A: "As long as this card remains face-up on the field, the Life Points of this card's controller increase by 500 points for each additional monster Summoned (excluding Special Summon, but including your opponent's monsters)."is the correct text. It appears on Unlimited Edition cards.

Q: When "Mysterious Puppeteer" is face-up on my side of the field, I Summoned 1 monster with ATK 1000 points, and then my opponent's activates "Trap Hole". What is the result?
A: Your monster is destroyed by "Trap Hole", but your Life Points are increased by 500 points because it is considered Summoned and then destroyed.

Remove Trap

Q: Can I use this card against "Trap Hole"?
A: No, you cannot because a Normal Trap Card like "Trap Hole" is Set in face-down. You cannot Chain against the activation of Normal Trap Card with this card because this is a Normal Magic Card and the Spell Speed is lower than Normal Trap Cards. But you can destroy Continuous Trap Card like "Ultimate Offering". In this case, you can not Chain against "Ultimate Offering", but it remains face-up on the field. You can activate this card after activation of "Ultimate Offering" and the opponent's Summon by it(This is not a "Chain"). You can destroy "Ultimate Offering", but you cannot destroy the monster Summoned by "Ultimate Offering" if you activate this card soon after your opponent uses "Ultimate Offering".

Exodia the Forbidden One

Q: What if both players have all 5 Exodia parts at the same time?
A: It is declared a Draw.

Cocoon of Evolution

Q: Can I Summon or Set this monster as a Monster Card?
A: Yes, this card can be used as a monster. However, once it is Summoned or Set as a monster, it cannot be attached to a monster. And once this card is equipped with "Petit Moth", this card cannot be Summoned or Set as a monster as long as it remains on the field. Because you can place only 1 monster on the field each turn, if you Summon or Set 1 monster on the field, you cannot equip this monster and vice-versa. When this monster is equipped with "Petit Moth", treat it as an Equip Magic Card, so it is destroyed by cards like "Heavy Storm".

Q: Since "Cocoon of Evolution" is supposed to be treated as an Equip Magic Card on a "Petit Moth", does it still take up space on the Field as a Monster Card?
A: "Cocoon of Evolution" is counted as both a Magic and Monster Card. "Relinquished", the Equip Monster Card, is treated only as an Equip Magic Card.

Q: If both "Cocoon of Evolution" and "Petit Moth" are on the Field, do they count as one monster if attacked?
A: They are counted as one monster.

Great Moth

Q: In order to Summon "Great Moth", does it have to be in your hand? Do "Cocoon of Evolution" and "Petit Moth" go to the Graveyard when "Great Moth" is Summoned?
A: Yes, "Great Moth" needs to be in your hand. "Cocoon of Evolution" and "Petit Moth" go to the Graveyard when "Great Moth" is Summoned.

Q: In regards to cards like "Great Moth" or "Gate Guardian"; can I Normal Summon these cards as well as the special summon that is described on the card?
A: You cannot. The text described on the cards is the only way to summon these cards.

Big Eye

Q: Is the action "See" considered as "Draw"?
A: No. This action is different from "Draw".
Q: When I flip a "Big Eye" and the opponent uses a "Trap Hole", do I still get the effect of the "Big Eye"?
A: Yes. This is resolved as a chain. Chain link 1 is "Big Eye"'s effect and "Trap Hole" is Chain Link 2. First "Big Eye" is destroyed by "Trap Hole", but it has not negated the activation and effect of "Big Eye", so you can get the effect of "Big Eye" although it is destroyed.

Masked Sorcerer

Q: What if this card inflicts damage while in Defense Position?
A: If this card inflicts damage while in Defense Position, you also Draw a card. You can only draw a card with Battle Damage. So if you offer this as a Tribute with the effect of "Cannon Soldier", etc. to inflict Effect Damage, you CANNOT draw a card.

Elegant Egotist

Q: Can I activate this card if a "Harpie Lady" on the field is face-down?
A: No. You cannot activate this card if a "Harpie Lady" is on the field face-down.

Sanga of the Thunder, Kazejin and Suijin

Q: Can I use these monsters' effects in an opponent's turn when I Set them on the field and they are attacked by an opponent?
A: Yes. You can use these card's effects even when they are Set and attacked by your opponent. Your opponent will get battle damage of these monsters' ATK or DEF when you activate this effect.

Q: Can you activate these monsters' effects at any time?
A: You can activate only during your opponent's Battle Phase. This also is the same for "Kuriboh".

Q: If I take control of one of these monsters, and my opponent has already used their effects, can I use it again?
A: No, you cannot use the effect. But if it is destroyed or removed from the field, the effect is reset.

Mystic Lamp, Leghul, Ooguchi, Jinzo #7, Rainbow Flower, and Queen's Double

Q: Can I choose to attack monster, not Life Points with these monsters?
A: Yes. You can choose which to attack.

Steel Scorpion

Q: Is the effect reset if the monster that attacked is returned to the hand by "Hane-Hane", etc.?
A: Yes. The effect is reset if the monster that attacked is removed from the field.

Q: "Steel Scorpion" - is it two turns or three that its effect takes place?
A: It's the second turn.

Blast Juggler

Q: Can I destroy both player's monsters with this card's effect? If there are less than 2 monsters other than this monster, can I activate this card's effect?
A: Yes. You can destroy both players' monsters with this card’s effect. But you cannot destroy this monster itself by this card's effect. If there are less than 2 monsters, you cannot activate this card's effect. A player of this card can choose when to activate if the condition is filled.

Magician of Faith /Mask of Darkness

Q: Can I use the Magic/Trap Card which is returned from the Graveyard to my hand in the Main Phase of the same turn?
A: Yes. You can use the Magic/Trap Card in the same turn as if it is drawn from your Deck.

Fake Trap

Q: Can I use this card against "Solemn Judgment" or "Seven Tools of the Bandit"?
A: No, you cannot use this against "Solemn Judgment" or "Seven Tools of the Bandit" because they are Counter Trap Cards and the spell speed of this card is lower. But you can save Trap Cards from "Heavy Storm" using this.

Tribute to The Doomed

Q: If my opponent activates "Solemn Judgment" against this as a chain, should I still discard 1 card from my hand although 1 monster is not destroyed?
A: Yes. If your opponent uses "Solemn Judgment" against this as a chain, you must discard 1 card as a cost although 1 monster is not destroyed because you must pay the cost even if the effect is negated.

The Cheerful Coffin

Q: If I discard "Sangan" or "Witch of the Black Forest" with this card's effect, are the effects of these cards not activated?
A: No. Their effects are activated only when they are sent from the field to the Graveyard.

Time Wizard

Q: Can you tell me when to activate this effect?
A: You can activate this effect only during your own Main Phase. A player can choose when to activate this card.

Sangan /Witch of the Black Forest

Q: Can you tell me about the effects of these monsters?
A: These effects are activated only when these cards are sent from the field to the Graveyard. Otherwise, these effects are NOT activated. When they are activated, you must choose 1 monster from your Deck and add it to your hand. If your Deck does not have a monster, you have to show your opponent that your Deck does not contain a monster. Also these effects are activated when you restore these cards from your Graveyard by "Monster Reborn", etc., and they are destroyed again.

Q: When I summoned "Sangan", the opponent activates "Solemn Judgment". In this case, will the effect of "Sangan" be activated?
A: No. The monster whose summon is negated by "Solemn Judgment" or "Horn of Heaven" is considered as "not summoned". Therefore, as it is not sent "from the field" to the Graveyard, the effect of "Sangan" or "Witch of the Black Forest" is not activated.

Q: If I use "Sangan"'s effect, must I show the judge at my tournament the card?
A: Yes, you must show judges at tournaments the card.


Q: If my "Kuriboh" returns from the Graveyard to my hand by "Monster Reborn" and/or "Hane-Hane", can I use the effect of it again?
A: Yes. You can use the effect of "Kuriboh" again in this case. The effect is reset when it is returned to your hand.

Castle of Dark Illusion

Q: When I have 2 of this monster on the field, can I increase all Zombie-Type monsters' ATK and DEF by 400 points?
A: Yes. You can increase 400 points for each if you have 2 of this monster card face-up on the field (600 points for 3 of this monster).

Catapult Turtle /Cannon Soldier

Q: Can I offer face-down monsters as a Tribute? Can I offer this monster itself? Can I use this effect anytime? Can the damage be doubled if I have 2 of these monsters face-up on the field?
A: You can activate this effect only when it is face-up in your Main Phase, but not in your opponent's turn. You can inflict damage even if you offer face-down monsters as a Tribute. You can even offer face-up this monster as a Tribute to inflict 500 points damage. Even though you have 2 of these monsters face-up on the field, the damage CANNOT be doubled.

Pumpking the King of Ghosts

Q: Do I double the ATK and DEF of this monster if there are 2 "Castle of Dark Illusions" face-up on the field?
A: No, you CANNOT double the ATK and DEF of this monster even if there are 2 "Castle of Dark Illusions" on the field.

The Little Swordsman of Aile

Q: Can I offer a face-down monster as a Tribute? Can I increase the ATK of this monster by 1400 points by offering 2 monsters as a tribute?
A: You can offer a face-down monster as a Tribute. If you offer 2 monsters as a tribute in the same turn, you can increase ATK of this monster by 1400 points.

Princess of Tsurugi

Q: If the opponent has "Sword of Revealing Light" on the field, is it counted as this effect's target?
A: Yes. This card's effect includes all face-up/face-down Magic/Trap cards on your opponent's side of the field.

Tremendous Fire

Q: Can I use this card when my Life Points are lower than 500? Then what if my and the opponent's Life Points become 0 as a result of this card's effect?
A: You can use this card even when your Life Points are lower than 500. Then if your opponent's Life Points become 0, the Duel is a Draw.

Shadow Ghoul

Q: Does this effect include the Tribute monster to summon this monster?
A: Yes. This effect includes the Tribute monster offered to Summon this card.

Q: What if I control the opponent's Shadow Ghoul?
A: If you control an opponent's Shadow Ghoul, you can increase the ATK according your own Graveyard.

The Immortal of Thunder

Q: What if this monster is Set and destroyed by an opponent’s monster's attack?
A: If this monster is Set and destroyed after being attacked, the result is a loss of 2000 (3000-5000 = -2000) of your own Life Points. If this card is destroyed face-down by "Dark Hole", etc., you do not lose 5000 points. If you use "Change of Heart" and take the opponent's "The Immortal of Thunder" in face-down position, you can get 3000 Life Points by Flip Summoning this card. After that this monster is destroyed and your opponent will lose 5000 points.

Mushroom Man #2

Q: If there are 5 cards on your opponent's side of field, can I shift this monster?
A: In this case, you cannot shift this monster.

Solemn Judgment /Horn of Heaven

Q: Could you give me pointers on when to use this card?
A: You can negate Flip Monster's effect with this card because it is considered not Summoned. When you activate this card, your opponent must pay cost for action (Life Point, Tribute Monster, Destroyed Monster, Discard of hand, etc.), even though this card negates the action. You can also negate the Special Summon (including Fusion Summon & Ritual Summon) with this card. Regarding "Solemn Judgment": if your Life Points have a decimal, round off.

Magic Jammer

Q: Could you give me pointers about this card?
A: You cannot activate this card if you do not have a card in your hand. When you activate this card, your opponent must pay a cost (Life Point, Tribute Monster, Destroyed Monster, Discard of hand, etc.) even though this card negates the action.

Seven Tools of the Bandit

Q: Could you give me pointers about this card?
A: When you activate this card, your opponent must pay a cost (Life Point, Tribute Monster, Destroyed Monster, Discard of hand, etc.) even though this card negates the action.

Q: How many times can I try to kill a monster that my opponent just summoned? Example: You Summon "7 Colored Fish", I play "Trap Hole", and you play "Seven Tools of the Bandit" thus ending this chain. Can I then again activate another "Trap Hole" to try and kill your monster?
A: No, in this case, you have lost this battle due to the timing of the Chain. You have to activate "Solemn Judgment" or "Seven Tools of the Bandit" to negate the effect of my "Seven Tools of the Bandit".

Sword of Deep-Seated

Q: Could you give me pointers about this card?
A: It is placed face-down on top of your Deck. If this card is equipped with "Sangan" or "Witch of the Black Forest", this monster is destroyed. The owner of these cards can choose which effect you use first.

Ring of Magnetism

Q: Could you give me pointers about this card?
A: The subtraction is halted when ATK reaches 0 ("Man-Eater Bug", etc.) All monsters (including a monster which attacks a player directly like "Mystic Lamp") must attack the monster equipped with this card.

Q: How does "Ring of Magnetism" work?
A: You must attack the monster equipped with this card. You cannot equip this card to monsters on your opponent's side of the Field.

Share the Pain

Q: Could you give me pointers about this card?
A: No monsters are summoned by this Tribute. To activate this card, there must be monsters on both you and your opponent's side of the field. When you activate this card and your opponent uses "Magic Jammer" or "Solemn Judgment", etc., as a chain, you have to offer 1 monster as a Tribute, because it is a cost. In this case, your opponent does not offer a monster as a Tribute.

Mystical Space Typhoon

Q: Regarding "Mystical Space Typhoon", the card states, "Destroy 1 Magic or Trap Card on the field". Does the card I destroy still get it's effect, specifically "Raigeki" or "Dark Hole"?
A: Yes.

Q: I play "Change of Heart", you then play "Mystical Space Typhoon". Does "Mystical Space Typhoon" destroy or negate the action of "Change of Heart"?
A: It destroys 1 Magic or Trap Card, but it cannot negate the effect of a Magic or Trap Card. So it is better for you not to use this card against "Change of Heart", "Raigeki", "Dark Hole", etc. It is useful to destroy Continuous or Equip Magic or Continuous Trap Card. Also it is useful to destroy Set Magic or Trap Cards (like a Set "Mirror Force" before you attack).

Dark Elf

Q: Do you have to pay 1000 Life Points for every time "Dark Elf" attacks?
A: Yes, you have to pay every time.

Shield & Sword

Q: "Shield & Sword" says it is active for one turn only. Does this mean your turn, your opponent's turn, or both?
A: Your turn only.

Dragon Capture Jar

Q: If I have a "Lord of D." on the Field, and my opponent uses "Dragon Capture Jar", is the Trap Card nullified?
A: "Dragon Capture Jar" is not a card that specifically designates a target. The effect is automatic and effects the whole Field. In this case, "Dragon Capture Jar" is not nullified.

Invader of the Throne

Q: The card, "Invader of The Throne" from the Magic Ruler boosters, says the following, "FLIP: Select 1 opponents monster and switch control of it with this card. This effect cannot be activated during the Battle Phase." Does this mean I give the opponent my card and take 1 of theirs. Or does it mean I take 1 of their cards using this card?
A: You take 1 of your opponent's cards using "Invader of The Throne".

Q: Once I activate the effect of this card, does my opponent's monster (the one I selected) move over to my side of the field and do I continue to control this monster until it is destroyed or just on the turn in which I activate the effect?
A: You must continue to control the monster until it is destroyed or removed from the field (return to an owner's hand, etc.)

Germ Infection

Q: Can I equip this to my opponent's monsters, and if so, how do I do this?
A: You can equip this to your opponent's monsters. Just like other Equip Magic Cards. Even if you equip it to your opponent's monster, the Equip Magic Card is counted against your own Magic & Trap 5-card limit.

Spellbinding Circle

Q: The card, "Spellbinding Circle", says the following, "If the selected monster (the target of the Trap's effect) is offered as Tribute, this card is not destroyed". What will happen to the SBC Trap? Will it wait on the field to be destroyed (via "Trap Master", or "Heavy Storm") or can you use it's effect over and over?
A: The cards remains on the Field meaninglessly. You CANNOT use the effect over and over.


Q: Can you take "Relinquished" and absorb one of your opponent's monsters, then use that monster of your opponent's attached to "Relinquished" and tribute it to summon for a level five monster like "Summon Skull"? Then have "Relinquished" absorb another of your opponent's monsters to be equipped with?
A: No, you can not use the taken monster as a Tribute Monster for Tribute Summon as their taken monster is treated as an Equip Magic Card.

Q: When "Relinquished" relinquishes a face-up monster, it says it only takes on the ATK and DEF no other card text is in effect, correct (in other words, Flip Effects or Effects)?
A: Correct.

Q: When relinquishing a face-down monster, that monster will never be able to be flipped -it becomes a 0 ATK, 0 DEF Magic Equip Card and is no longer a monster until sent to the Graveyard...even if "Change Of Heart" happens...correct?
A: Correct. It is treated as a Equip Magic Card.

Q: Is "Relinquished" a multi-trigger effect card, i.e., can it be used on your opponent's turn as well?
A: No. This card can only be used on your turn.

Spear Cretin

Q: Does "Spear Cretin" have to be flipped in a previous turn in order for it's effect to be activated when it is sent to the Graveyard, or does attacking when it is face down and sending it to the Graveyard activate the effect?
A: You can use this card in both ways. If it is flipped and then is sent to the Graveyard (even in the same turn), then you and your opponent select 1 monster from your respective Graveyards and Special Summon them.

Q: When "Spear Cretin" is sent to the graveyard it says that a monster from my Graveyard must be specially summoned on the field face up attack position or face down defense position. So can I bring "Spear Cretin" back again in defense position every turn it is send to the graveyard from an attacking monster?
A: No. This card's effect cannot be used on itself. Also, the text says, "you can Special Summon", not "you must Special Summon". So you do not have to Special Summon if you don't want to.

Cyber Jar

Q: When "Cyber Jar" is played and one of the other monsters that is destroyed is "Cyber Jar", does the second "Cyber Jar" effect take place also?
A: No. If a "Cyber Jar" is flipped, the field is the same as when "Dark Hole" is activated (destroys all monster and face-down Flip Effect monster's effect is NOT activated). "Cyber Jar" is a Flip Effect monster, so if it is destroyed by "Raigeki" or "Dark Hole", its effect is not activated. If you pull "Cyber Jar" from the Graveyard using "Monster Reborn", you cannot activate it because it is Special Summoned in face-up. If your opponent controls your face-down "Cyber Jar", your opponent can activate it by flipping it face-up like other Flip Effect monsters.

Banisher of the Light

Q: The card says nothing about "electing" not to use the effect. If you elect to not pay the cost, is the card is sent to the Graveyard?
A: All the monsters sent to the Graveyard must be removed from play.

Toon World

Q: Can both players play Toons if "Toon World" is only on one side of the Field?
A: No, you need your own "Toon World". But if you or your opponent's "Toon World" is destroyed, both player's Toon monsters are destroyed.

Giant Germ /Nimble Momonga

Q: The cards "Giant Germ" and "Nimble Momonga"; what does it mean when they say to take cards of the same name from your Deck?
A: It means to take more "Giant Germ"s and "Nimble Momonga"s from your Deck. No other cards.

Imperial Order

Q: Do I have to pay "Imperial Order"'s cost every turn until it is destroyed, or is it optional?
A: The cost is optional. If you choose not to pay it, the card is destroyed.

Dust Tornado

Q: What does "Dust Tornado" do?
A: This is a trap card - it must be played from your hand face down on your turn and be set for the rest of that turn before you can reveal it. You must target an opponent's Magic (including a field magic) or Trap card (face up or face down). The Magic or Trap card is destroyed (and placed in its owner's graveyard). This card does not 'negate or counter' a Magic or Trap card as it is played - it only destroys it once it is in play. If destroying this magic or trap card was successful, you then 'can' (optional choice) set 1 magic or trap card from your hand. This set card follows all the standard game play rules - so if it's a trap card - it may not be activated until the start of your next turn. If you set a normal magic card and it's an opponent's turn that magic card may not be revealed unless it is a quick-play magic card.

Enchanted Javelin

Q: What does "Enchanted Javelin" do?
A: This is a trap card - it must be played from your hand face down on your turn and be set for the rest of that turn before you can reveal it. You can only reveal this set trap during your opponent's battle phase when one of their monsters attacks. You gain life equal to the monster's current ATK. This card has no effect on how combat would then normally resolve, it doesn't stop or negate the attack. If you had no monsters to block the attack and/or couldn't reveal another magic or trap card to stop/negate/reduce the attack, you would loose all life you had just gained. You may not reveal this card against an attacking Dragon Type monster if either player controls a face up "Lord of D".


Q: Can "Jinzo" be the target of "Trap Hole", "Solemn Judgment", or "Horn of Heaven"?
A: "Trap hole", no. "Solemn Judgment" and "Horn of Heaven", yes.

Parasite Paracide

Q: What happens if my opponent draws my face up "Parasite Paracide" and he has no spaces available in his monster zone?
A: It goes to its owner's graveyard and its effect is not activated.

Mirror Wall

Q: Do I have to play "Mirror Wall"'s cost every turn until it is destroyed or is it optional?
A: The cost is optional. If you choose not to pay it, the card is destroyed.

Forced Requisition /Card Destruction

Q: If I have Forced Requisition in play and I play "Card Destruction", does my opponent discard the new cards he draws from the "Card Destruction"?
A: No.

DNA Surgery

Q: Can I choose Toon as a type for "DNA Surgery"?
A: No, and you may not choose Effect either.

The Regulation of Tribe

Q: Do I have to play "The Regulation of Tribe"'s tribute cost every turn until it is destroyed or is it optional?
A: The cost is optional. If you choose not to pay it, the card is destroyed.

Magical Hats

Q: Can I play "Magical Hats" if I don't have 2 free spaces in my monster zone?
A: No.

Q: With "Magical Hats", if I choose a magic card or trap card and my opponent attacks that card, are the effects of the magic or trap card activated?
A: No, unless it is a 'sent to the graveyard' effect, such as "Black Pendant".

Q: With "Magical Hats", what happens to my real monster after the attack if it was not chosen, does it stay face down defense or revert to its original position?
A: It stays face down defense.

Nobleman of Extermination

Q: With "Nobleman of Extermination", can the trap or magic card I choose be revealed in response if the spell speed is fast enough?
A: Yes, you may chain the targeted Magic or Trap Card to "Nobleman of Extermination", if the effect of that card is appropriate to the current game conditions. Since the chained Magic or Trap Card resolves before "Nobleman of Extermation", there is no longer a face-down Magic/Trap Card left when "Nobleman of Extermination" resolves. Therefore, the Magic/Trap Card goes to the graveyard, instead of being removed from play, and additional copies of the card are not affected.

Morphing Jar #2

Q: With "Morphing Jar #2", if I flip this monster does it get shuffled back into the deck, also what if it is flipped due to an attacking Monster with an ATK greater then 700?
A: If flip summoned it is returned back to the deck, if it is attacked and would be destroyed, it is placed in its owner's graveyard.


Q: When "Kiseitai"'s effect is generated, whose magic/trap zone does it go to, and what happens if that zone is already full?
A: It goes to the magic/trap zone of the player who attacked the "Kiseitai". If no space is available, it is instead placed in its owner's graveyard and does not generate its effect.


Q: Can I activate my own "Michizure" if I tribute to destroy my own monster?
A: No. This trap may only be activated if your opponent generated the effect or battle that destroyed your monster.

Solemn Wishes

Q: If I play 2 "Solemn Wishes", do I gain 1000 life when I draw?
A: Yes.

Burning Land

Q: Can I play "Burning Land" if there is no Field Magic Card in play?
A: No.

Monster Recovery

Q: Can I use "Monster Recovery" during my opponent's Battle Phase?
A: Yes, so long as it is not during the Damage Step, and by doing so you trigger a Replay.

Type Zero Magic Crusher

Q: How/when do I discard to activate the effect of "Type Zero Magic Crusher"?
A: You can discard any time, but you cannot combine another card/rule's effect that requires a discard with this effect. So if someone played "Card Destruction", the effects of this card may not be activated. The discarded card does not generate any effect for being discarded to activate the "Crusher", you could not discard "Kuriboh" to activate both its game effect and the "Crusher"'s effect.

The Legendary Fisherman

Q: Does "The Legendary Fisherman" get "Umi"'s bonus if it is play, and can "Dark Hole" destroy it if "Umi" is in play?
A: It does not get the benefit from "Umi", and cannot be destroyed by "Dark Hole" if "Umi" is in play.

Q: What happens if I have "The Legendary Fisherman" in play, "Umi" is in play, and I control no other monsters, can my opponent attack?
A: Yes, in this case he attacks your Life Points directly.

Thousand Eyes Idol

Q: If "Thousand Eyes Idol" (or any monster with a 0 DEF) is in defense mode can it be destroyed by an attack?
A: Yes, no special bonus is provided for having a 0 DEF - only if it is attacked by a monster with a 0 ATK does it survive.

Thousand Eyes Restrict

Q: With "Thousand Eyes Restrict", what happens if I control 2 or my opponent and myself both control 1?
A: No monster may attack.

Magic Drain

Q: With "Magic Drain", if this is played against an opponent and he does have a magic card in his hand must he discard it?
A: No, not if he does not want to.

Call of the Haunted

Q: Can "Call of the Haunted" get "Jinzo" out of a graveyard and if so what happens?
A: You can Special Summon "Jinzo" from your Graveyard. After "Jinzo" is Special Summoned, this card remains face-up on the field meaninglessly. This card is DESTROYED if "Jinzo" is destroyed. But when this card is destroyed, the Special Summoned "Jinzo" is NOT destroyed.

Griggle /Ameba

Q: How do "Griggle" and "Ameba" work?
A: "Griggle" and "Ameba" have their effect triggered if your opponent takes control of the monster, such as with "Change of Heart".

IX.            Validation of NDL04 Official Rules

a.      Failure to follow these regulations will result in anywhere from a 24 hr. suspension to permanent removal from the League.