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Pennfield Duelist League 2004

President: Nicholas N. Gillim

Vice President: James L. Burrett

Current Standings

1st: President Nicholas Gillim
2nd: Adam Gillim
3rd: VP James Burrett
4th: Patrick Stevens
5th: Shaun Humphrey
6th: Lisa Gillim
7th: Morgan Burrett
8th: Caleb Buck

Click here for List of All Registered Duelists, and for information to sign up!


Championship winner of 2004: Adam Gillim

Duelist league is searching for a new Vice president since in December, we will be losing James Burrett. Also, Adam Gillim, Lisa Gillim, and Morgan Burrett will be resigning from the League.

All Pennfield Duelist League matches and tournaments will follow the traditional Yu-gi-oh! card rulings. This means that there are no forbidden cards, other than the Egyptian God Cards, and any other cards that are not printed in English. Visit the Yu-gi-oh! site for more information.