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N8GND Home Page

All things through Christ who strengtheneth me.

HELLO AND WELCOME TO MY HAM SHACK. MY NAME IS KEN NANZER AND MY CALL IS N8GND FORMERLY KG8GH. I HAVE BEEN AN AMATEUR SINCE 1975. MY 1ST CALL WAS WN8UUV. MY STATION: ICOM 756ProII, ICOM 7000, LDG AT-1000 AUTOTUNER, . LDG Z-100, * ANTENNAS ARE A GAP CHALLENGER DX, A CUSHCRAFT R7, 160 LOOP, 160 MARCONI END FED WIRE 411 FT LONG. 160 Inverted L. * COMPUTER IS AN HP PAVILION a1730n, 2.4GHz AMD Athalon 64x2 Dual Core. * I have been off the air for a while but hope to get back on soon! ** I ENJOY DXING, I enjoy my VIBROPLEX BUG AND AM TRYING TO GET MY CODE BACK TO A DECENT SPEED. I have been using the new Ham Radio Deluxe program and like it VERY much. The ability to do cw, psk and ritty with it is great. ************** THIS YEAR (2015)*************, I have not done much Ham Radio. I still enjoy shooting Pellet guns. What a blast and very affordable. I hope to add pictures! Great fun! I ALSO ENJOY COMPUTERS, HUNTING, ESPECIALLY VARMINT HUNTING AND ICE FISHING. In my Hobby album page is pictures of ice fishing. Did not get out Ice fishing this 2015 season. I have had problems with my health. ** I have been enjoying my hobby of Bluegrass picking. I play a Fiddle, Banjo and Guitar. My favorite is Bluegrass Gospel. I have been jamming with a group of great people at a friends pole barn in the Alto area. They are called the Wanabes. Very nice place and it is open to all ACUSTIC pickers. I hope to add pictures soon. We play mainly Country, Country Gospel, Bluegrass and Bluegrass Gospel. You can find much more information on Facebook. The group has a Facebook Group Called Wanabe Group. Just go to facebook in the top search area type Wanabe group. Lots of pictures etc. There is also a place in Lake Odessa Mi called Bob's Barn. Also called Thunder Floor Cloggers. Open jam from 4pm to 7pm most every sunday evening. I hope to ad a link to his site. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************* ***************************** THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR VISITING MY HOMEPAGE ... Ken ***************************

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