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Alright, so Ren's first show was TwoFace's CD release party Saturday. We think she rocked pretty hard. There was construction in front of the Rec Center so the turnout wasn't great, and we had a multitude of technical problems on stage, but atleast Ren sounded really good. In any case, life goes on. There will be more shows. Check the shows section. And I guess Skyler Loomis signed our guestbook as me. That's alright, because we hate him and he's only bitter because he sucks. Anyway, it's gone now. YOU should sign our guestbook. That's all for now... look for upcoming shows.



Okay, the site is up and running now. Soon it will be overflowing with rabid Mothra fans and angelfire will be crushed under the enormous traffic flow. Only a few things to report at the moment: we played a few shows recently, the Howell Battle of the Bands and Taytofest '05. We didn't win either of them, but at Taytofest I was approached by a girl who offered to try to sing for us. Come to think of it, I should probably get around to telling Mike and Matt about that. But see, the fans always come first to me. A female vocalist is always a neat gimmick--err, innovation. I believe that this is an opportunity of great excitement. Other than that, nothing much is going on. More updates as they come along. Remember to sign that guestbook. And sign it like you mean it.