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Rachel & DeAngelo's Story

***The Story of***
***How We Met***
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On Thursday, September 23, 1999 I was attending class at Enterprise High School in Warren, MI. I was the not-so-innocent age of sixteen. I was in class when my friend (known as Big Rachel)rushed to my class and told me that there was a "cute guy" in the office. I didn't think much of it since to this day I still think she has terrible taste in men, but since there was ABSOLUTELY nothing in my school to look at I was interested.

I peeked into the office and never knew at that moment I was about to see the man I would agree to marry for the first time. I saw an attractive young man dressed in fatigues standing in the office. Gorgoeous though he was, I frowned up at my friend and said "You idiot he's the army recruiter guy." After all, he was dressed from head to toe in Army Camoflauge.

I agreed he was cute though. Two hours later we went outside for first "smoke break" (yeah, we had smoke breaks when I went to high school)and I did not see my "anonymous mystery man" so I once again concluded he was an army recruiter coming to our school to sign people up for the national guard or something and was probably on his way home to his wife and kids.

BUT THEN...comes lunch and who did I see sitting alone at a lunch table but my mystery man. Of course, angelic little me, I was too shy to talk to him so I just gazed over in his direction. Come second smoke break I saw him outside with Big Rachel's friend Leon. So Big Rachel...who has a Big mouth...asks "So Leon who's your friend".

Then I heard my husband to be speak for the first time. He simply said "D".

Now I have a thing about names, as many of my readers may know, so I ask (sharply) "Just D".

So my lover boy replys with the most wonderful name in the world (well, in my book) "Well, DeAngelo."

So from then on that was what I called him. Within the following weeks, we continued to make google eyes at each other, but since we had no classes together, we had no reason to approach one another.

Now for some reason, there was a ton of racial tension going on iin our school that week. DeAngelo and I were in two totally different classrooms and both got involved in two different fights. DeAngelo was told to go out of the class because some kid started talking about getting the rebel flag tatooed on him and I got into it with some boy who threw a fan at me. They told us to go outside and do our work for the rest of the hour. So here we are outside and heated, when lo and behold we had a serious conversation. He actually had something important to say (which is uncommon in 16 year old boys). I was hooked.

Within the next week big mouth...err Big Rachel gave DeAngelo my number and it still took him another week of making google eyes at each other for him to call me. (I found out he never has called a girl first) When he did I was ecstatic (like I said I met him in high school).

After our first date we spent time together at his house and I met his grandmother, step mother, and sister. (He had never introduced one of his girlfriends to his family before). It must have been fate. We didn't have a fancy first date, we just went to a park and talked for a while, but it was nice getting to know someone who had so many of the same interests and outlooks as I did.

Ever since then, I've never been able to leave his side. He's been in my heart ever since. We've had so many ups and downs...fights and make ups...we've been through hell and still look forward to spending eternity together.

It's quite interesting meeting someone you love so young. You grow together in so many ways. Imagine being with your husband back when he had to ask permission to leave his grandparents home...and now you look foward to setting boundries for disciplining your children. How many people can say that they remember when their spouse drove their first car? graduated high school? It still amazes people when we go back and visit our high school (the place that we met) that we are still together. There is no mentioning "Rachel" without "De" being brought up...or saying that you "Ran into DeAngelo" without someone asking "Have you seen Rachel?" I remember when DeAngelo announced to all out old staff that we were engaged...that was quite a teary moment.

In a way, I suppose we're a bit notorious...but no matter how you look at as...Thats our story...

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