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The Wheel Of Fortune Bonus Puzzle Compendium — October 2013

October 2013

1 October 2013 Things BONGO DRUMS C H P O Mazda6 No
2 October 2013 Thing POWER PACK P M D O $40,000 What the heck is that?
3 October 2013 Food & Drink A WHOLE HONEYDEW H C B A $30,000 Yes I don't think I've ever seen anyone solve with less confidence.
4 October 2013 Thing FIXER-UPPER P B C U Mazda6 No Wow, I thought for sure this would be a win.
7 October 2013 Phrase OUT OF POCKET G C B O $30,000 Yes
8 October 2013 Thing OAK PLANK H D P A $50,000 No Wow, I couldn't think of anything that went with "plank".
9 October 2013 Person AVID HOCKEY FAN M D P O H $30,000
10 October 2013 Things WOODEN BUNK BEDS H B D O $35,000 Yes
11 October 2013 Thing MURKY WATER C M P A $45,000 No
14 October 2013 Phrase CARVED BY HAND C D F O $30,000 No
15 October 2013 On the Map BORA BORA B C M A Mini Cooper Convertible Yes I guess they really wanted a win.
16 October 2013 Thing CHURCH PEW C D H U M Good haul: two cars and two trips.
17 October 2013 Things GLOSSARY AND INDEX G B F O No
18 October 2013 Thing HARPSICHORD D C M A $50,000 Yes Wow, that win was hard-fought.
21 October 2013 Thing ANTIQUE WATCH C M G I $30,000 Yes
22 October 2013 Phrase IT'S OUT OF THE WAY F M C I $50,000 No Ouch, that was painful. She paused between the last two words and the buzzer sounded in between.
23 October 2013 Food & Drink BAKED HAM C D M A $45,000
24 October 2013 Place DOG PARK P D Y O $30,000 Wow, thought he had that one.
25 October 2013 Person EGYPTIAN PHARAOH D M P A $35,000 Yes
28 October 2013 Person GOLFING BUDDY B C D A $35,000 No Nice spread of categories lately.
29 October 2013 JOLLY GOOD FELLOW G P D O Yes
30 October 2013 Food & Drink GOURMET POPCORN P C M O $30,000
31 October 2013 People CHOOSY KIDS D M G A Fiat 500 No