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The Wheel Of Fortune Bonus Puzzle Compendium — March 2013

March 2013

1 March 2013 Thing VIOLIN BOW C D M A $40,000 No
4 March 2013 What Are You Doing? VACUUMING D M G I $30,000 No Cool double U, bro.
5 March 2013 Thing JOYSTICK D C M I
6 March 2013 Things WORDS OF LOVE M F D O Yes
7 March 2013 Thing ZERO GRAVITY D M P O No
8 March 2013 APPROVAL D B H I Wow, I had nothing on that.
11 March 2013 Thing VAGUE IMPRESSION P M B A $50,000 No
12 March 2013 Things BOARDROOM CHAIRS C H M A $45,000 Yes There's such a thing?
13 March 2013 Phrase HUG IT OUT F P G I $30,000 Again, that's a thing?!
14 March 2013 Thing FOOLPROOF SCHEME F P G A $50,000
15 March 2013 What Are You Doing? MAKING A BUDGET M G D A Mini Cooper Roadster
18 March 2013 Phrase DO NOT BUDGE M F P O $30,000 Yes
19 March 2013 Place PRIVATE BUNGALOW C H P I No
20 March 2013 Thing FAMILY SAGA C H M O $50,000
21 March 2013 Place IN THE DUGOUT M C P O $30,000 Yes
22 March 2013 Phrase PAY IT FORWARD C P H I Toyota Venza What? Genuinely good Bonus Round playing two days in a row?
25 March 2013 Phrase VOICE YOUR OPINION C D M O P Volkswagen Jetta Yes
26 March 2013 IT WAS BOUND TO HAPPEN H C P O M $30,000 No
27 March 2013 Place PHOTO BOOTH Y D C A $100,000
28 March 2013 Thing CHALKBOARD M C D A $35,000 Yes Not a bad time to call those.
29 March 2013 People GOLF FOURSOME B C D A H Volkswagen Jetta No Rare to see someone whiff with the Wild Card.