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The Wheel Of Fortune Bonus Puzzle Compendium — April 2013

April 2013

1 April 2013 Thing QUART OF PAINT C H P I $30,000 Yes
2 April 2013 Phrase A PAUSE IN THE ACTION M C G O $100,000 Wow, good job!
3 April 2013 Things DISPLAYS AND EXHIBITS D B C A $30,000 No
4 April 2013 Food & Drink VEGGIE PIZZA D H C I
5 April 2013 Thing SHAVING FOAM D M P I $50,000 Contrived much?
8 April 2013 Phrase HIGHLY PROFITABLE C D P A $45,000 No
9 April 2013 What Are You Doing? BANKING G P H I
10 April 2013 Thing SHORT QUIZ H C D O P Mazda Miata Oh, come on!
11 April 2013 Place HOME OFFICE D M P I $30,000
12 April 2013 Thing WIDE GAP B H P O $35,000
15 April 2013 Place SCENIC PARKWAY C H D I Audi A3 No
16 April 2013 TURNPIKE EXIT C M D U Two roadgeek puzzles in a row.
17 April 2013 People VICTORIOUS PLAYERS C D M A $30,000
18 April 2013 Things CHEEKBONES C H P O Yes Finally.
19 April 2013 Thing ROUGH SURFACE C D M A $40,000 Good job!
22 April 2013 Person BARGAIN SHOPPER C D H A $40,000 Yes
23 April 2013 Phrase JUST A HUNCH D J C A No So of course I say JUST A PINCH, which still fits...
24 April 2013 TOUGH TO KNOW H G P O Mini Cooper Roadster Yes
25 April 2013 Thing YUMMY BUFFET C K M A $40,000 No
26 April 2013 Phrase DON'T THINK TWICE H K D I $30,000 Yes
29 April 2013 What Are You Doing? HOWLING WITH LAUGHTER H C D A $30,000 Yes
30 April 2013 WAVING GOODBYE C P F A No Yeah, no way was that one getting solved.