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The Wheel Of Fortune Bonus Puzzle Compendium — November 2011

November 2011

1 November 2011 Thing CHROME FINISH M D C A $30,000 No ♪Her favorite color is chrome.♫
2 November 2011 Phrase CLIMB ABOARD P M D O Fiat 500c
3 November 2011 FLIGHTS OF FANCY C D H O $100,000 I suppose that softens the blow a little when you admit you've never heard of it...
4 November 2011 AWFULLY NICE Y C H I $30,000 This is why you don't always go with just the gimme letters.
7 November 2011 Phrase UP FOR GRABS D P H A $30,000 Yes
8 November 2011 Place BANK VAULT B K V A Someone knew the answer before she picked her letters...
9 November 2011 Thing LOUD GASP C M K I No Evil, evil vowel blends. And random adjective-noun combos!
10 November 2011 DOUBLE KNOT M D B A $40,000 Yes
11 November 2011 BROWN BAG C D H A $30,000 No B G H O will help a lot of the time. Case in point.
14 November 2011 Event BRIEF VISIT B D H I $30,000 Yes
15 November 2011 Phrase GOOD GUESS G D C A $50,000 A good guess indeed.
16 November 2011 Things PERKS OF THE JOB H C B I $30,000 No
17 November 2011 Thing BUMPER STICKER M P C A $40,000 Yes Had me a little worried when he didn't say it right away.
18 November 2011 Phrase BRACE YOURSELF C D M O $30,000 No
21 November 2011 Phrase TOYING WITH THE IDEA C M D O Chevy Camaro No
22 November 2011 People NEWLYWED COUPLE D C P O W $30,000 Yes
23 November 2011 Phrase OFF THE RACK M P D A H Volvo C30 No
24 November 2011 Thing FAVORITE MUG J K G A $50,000 Why, that's not an arbitrary adjective-noun combo at all. Oh wait. Yes it is!
25 November 2011 Phrase GIVE IT AWAY D P H I $30,000 ♪There ain't nothin' in this house worth fighting over. Oh, and we're both tired of fighting anyway... so just give it away.♫
28 November 2011 Thing GLOBE G C M O $30,000 No That is what we call "choking". That is also what we call a really short bonus puzzle.
29 November 2011 Place WILDLIFE PARK P K G A To be fair, I can see how L_L isn't that easy to figure out.
30 November 2011 Places QUAINT SHOPS P D G I $40,000 Places, plural? That may be a first.