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The Wheel Of Fortune Bonus Puzzle Compendium — March 2011

March 2011

1 March 2011 Thing HOW-TO GUIDE D G P O $100,000 No Wow, I thought for sure he had this one...
2 March 2011 HOURLY WAGE C D Y A $45,000 That was all kinds of not easy. I don't think I've ever heard "wage" in the singular.
3 March 2011 Phrase WIGGLE ROOM M P D O $100,000 Hey, now, what's up with that?! Only two days apart?!?
4 March 2011 Thing LOUD OVATION C P Y O $30,000
7 March 2011 Thing POINT OF VIEW M D C I $45,000 Yes
8 March 2011 GREAT AMBITION B G H A M Winnebago
9 March 2011 Phrase HAVE FAITH D H M O $40,000
10 March 2011 Person BODYGUARD D M C A Wow. A friend of a friend wins big on my birthday.
11 March 2011 Phrase TOUGH ACT TO FOLLOW H D M O P $45,000
14 March 2011 Phrase HIGHLY ORGANIZED B G D O H $40,000 Yes Something I am not.
15 March 2011 WHAT A KICK G H B O $30,000 No Who the heck says that?!?
16 March 2011 BY A WIDE MARGIN M C F A $40,000 Three consecutive Sony Boards members as contestants. Nice.
17 March 2011 Thing FLAGPOLE D B M I $30,000
18 March 2011 Things FOUR QUARTS C H P O G I don't know which bonus puzzle was worse, this one or WHAT A KICK. Both very arcane.
21 March 2011 Place PUBLIC WALKWAY P M D O $30,000 No
22 March 2011 Things GIGABYTES M P D I Mazda RX-8
23 March 2011 Thing GORGEOUS BOUQUET H M P A $100,000 Tenth one this season, folks. That's a dubious record.
24 March 2011 Phrase AS YOU WISH H D M I Mazda RX-8 Yes
25 March 2011 KID STUFF D M H O $45,000 No
28 March 2011 Phrase FOOD FOR THOUGHT D C M U $30,000 No
29 March 2011 A SIGN FROM ABOVE G F B A $30,000 Yes
30 March 2011 LAUGH IT OFF G H F I Lexus IS 250
31 March 2011 Thing BUS ROUTE B C F U $45,000 Wow... for three days in a row, they knew it before picking their letters.