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The Wheel Of Fortune Bonus Puzzle Compendium — December 2011

December 2011

1 December 2011 Phrase MAKE IT OFFICIAL C D F O $30,000 Yes Will whoever writes Jim's copy please learn what a cash advance is?
2 December 2011 Thing LOADED GIFT CARD D M F A $40,000 No I'll try to refrain from any Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures references.
5 December 2011 Place IN THE FOREGROUND H D B A Pair of Honda CRVs Yes
6 December 2011 Thing HIGHWAY SIGN D M P O $45,000 No
7 December 2011 CALMING VOICE G M D A $40,000
8 December 2011 SUNDAY BUFFET H M D A $35,000 Yes Thank you for not getting stuck on the second word.
9 December 2011 Phrase I BLEW IT P M H A $45,000 No Oh, the irony.
12 December 2011 Phrase LIKE A HAWK V M C A D $45,000 No Um, guys, that's only half the phrase. (Also, I was so sure it was LIKE A BABY even with her guesses.)
13 December 2011 Event LONG JOURNEY J G Y O Mini Cooper convertible Yes
14 December 2011 Phrase IT COULD HAPPEN C H M I $30,000
15 December 2011 Place TAXI STAND C D M O $35,000 No Note to self: Don't check Wheel's Facebook before the show's done airing, lest you be spoiled on the bonus puzzle.
16 December 2011 Phrase FAR AND WIDE D M P A $30,000 How did you not get that?
19 December 2011 Thing SOYBEAN C D M I Volkswagen Eos No
20 December 2011 People PEP SQUAD D G H A
21 December 2011 Phrase COME HELP OUT H D M O $30,000 How did it take you that long to figure out that HEL_ was HELP?
22 December 2011 Thing ATHLETIC BUILD D C M A $35,000 How can such a good player fail to realize the E was taken, and that it can't be FIELD?
23 December 2011 Things FOUR ACES H D P A $50,000
26 December 2011 Phrase I'M HALFWAY HOME M D C A $30,000 No
27 December 2011 AVERAGE HEIGHT D M H I $35,000 Yes
28 December 2011 Thing BUS TOKEN B K M O $45,000 That was easy.
29 December 2011 Phrase GOOD TO KNOW G D M O $30,000 She kinda backed into that one.
30 December 2011 SKIM THE SURFACE C H D A M Chrysler 200