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The Wheel Of Fortune Bonus Puzzle Compendium — April 2011

1 April 2011 Thing COMPUTER KEYBOARD C P M O $50,000 No
4 April 2011 Phrase HOW KIND D P B A Chevy Volt No Who on earth says that?!
5 April 2011 Thing JUDGE'S GAVEL F G H A M $30,000 Yes
6 April 2011 Phrase GO QUIETLY H M F O $35,000 No
7 April 2011 GIFT OF GAB C M H O $100,000 Hey now, enough of that!
8 April 2011 A MIXED BAG C D M A $30,000
11 April 2011 Phrase SOLID PROOF P M C A $35,000 Yes
12 April 2011 What Are You Doing? JOGGING IN PLACE C D P A $30,000 I wasn't paying attention for some reason.
13 April 2011 Phrase WORD TO THE WISE H D P O
14 April 2011 Thing AUTOGRAPH C D H A M
15 April 2011 Phrase HUMBLE BEGINNINGS D M P O $30,000 Wow, another perfect week!
18 April 2011 Thing GOLF VISOR D M C O $30,000 No Someone spoiled the puzzle on Facebook.
19 April 2011 BABY FACE M P D A $40,000 Never heard that exact term. Could've had the B's up there and not gotten it.
20 April 2011 DUNE BUGGY C D P A $30,000
21 April 2011 PURE GOLD C P B O $45,000 Yes
22 April 2011 Phrase I'M FLEXIBLE M C P A No
25 April 2011 Things WOBBLY LEGS D M P O Jeep Liberty No How quickly we forget RSTLNE. Hint: LE_S can't possibly be LENS.
26 April 2011 Event EPIC VOYAGE G D B O $45,000 Yes
27 April 2011 Thing BOOK JACKET C M H O Jeep Liberty No
28 April 2011 Phrase GIVE A HOOT B C D O $35,000 Yes O's are important, people. Remember that.
29 April 2011 Thing DOGGY DISH H D C A No I wouldn't have gotten that with the G's...