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Hi! My name is Terri and I'm 33 and I live in Michigan and not even 10 minutes away from Detroit and I have 1 son and he's 13. He's my proud and joy. I live out on my own with my son. I've been out of my mom's house for a year again. I do alot of things and I have many interests too. I do alot of arts and crafts. I just learned how to do cross stitching and I also know how to crochet too. I use to sell Avon at one time but I don't do that anymore. I enjoy bike riding in the summer time, Karate, going to the movies with my friends if I can find the time to spend with them, surfing the internet, talking to my best friend online since she lives in another state and many more. The only thing I don't like about Michigan is it's winter's but it's summers are awsome. It's really beautiful here in the summer and in the fall and also when the snow lays on the ground and before the kids walk all over it and before you get the chance to enjoy after it falls. I also enjoy traveling. I have traveled to Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, California and Nevada. Some of the states that I drove through were Indiana, Illnois, Texas, Georgia and some others that I can't think of right now. I'm hoping to travel to Hawaii someday and some overseas countries too but I doubt it if I'll ever make it to Hawaii and the overseas countries that I want to go to. I also suffer from Obessive Compivse Disorder let me shorten it for you OCD for the short term and I also suffer from Post Tramaic Stress Disorder and let me shorten this one up for ya too, PTSD. I also have anexity along with it and depression too and I'm learning how to deal with all of this everyday and plus both my son and I are both Attention Decfit Hyperactivity Disorders (A.D.H.D) and it's not easy living with the both of us. With me it isn't cause one minute I'm all hyper and the next minute I'm in my depression mood. I'm reading things on my deperssion and the things that I need to know about it and looking it up on the internet so I know how to deal with all of it. Take a look around and stop by more often and before you go please sign the guestbook so I know that you were here. Thanks!
February 18, 2005 --- Okay, here I am updating my page. I've been really busy for the past few weeks now. Here's the update on my son and I. Well, my son is in the 6th grade now and is playing elementary basketball (which is keeping me busy besides Boy Scouts and my son hasn't gotten his arrow of light from Cub Scouts yet). He plays his games on Sundays and he's on the varisty team. I also lost the best guy that I had in my life and I ended up pregnant by him back in September. I dated him for a year and 10 1/2 months before he broke up with me and please go to the 3 page to learn about my pregnancy and that I had miscarried the baby too and I'm also going to add links onto that page for miscarriages too. Please make sure that you sign my guestbook before you leave so that I know that you were here. Thanks!
October 1, 2005- Okay ppl here I am updating my page again and I know that I haven't updated it since February. Well, I have a new man in my life now and he's so good to me and we're both looking for work but can't find something that we want to do but for me, I'm going to school to become a computer applications specialist. My son is in junior high now and in the 7th grade and I can't believe that he's in junior high now. Hopefully, I don't become a grandma before he turns 18! Well, that's about it for now and I hope u'll stop by again soon and please make sure that u sign the guestbook before u leave so that I know that u've been here and stop soon to see if I've done any updates.
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