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KR and B rabbitry and farms

KR and B rabbitry and babszoo farm is based in Eaton Rapids Michgian (near lansing). We raise several diffeent breeds and varities of animals.

We have two different breeds of rabbits that we show in A.R.B.A. shows all over the state of Michigan. We have been raising mini rexs for about five years and have recently switched from rhinelanders to silver fox's.

Along with our rabbits we raise peafowl, alpacas, llamas, ducks and chickens. We have several different varities of peafoul. Our varities include pied, black shouldered, blue, spalding and soon purple.

Ducks and chickens are also to be found on babszoo farms. We have cayugas and blue, white, chocolate, snowy an pastel call ducks. We also have our batam breeds which include black rose combs, blacked tailed buff japs and quail antwerp belqians (also called bearded d'Anvers). And we have standard sized breeds, pearl white leghorns and Americana's.

We also run a website for michigan breeders. Eaton Breeders and friends has contact information on breeders from around the state of Michigan as well news and events. If you are looking for a certain breed you can check there to find a link to a breeders and if there is not a breeder posted for that breed let us know and we will try to help you find one.

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