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I am currently pursuing my elementary education degree which includes three minors; Elementary Education, Science/Mathematics and Group Social Studies. I am currently student teaching in Kalamazoo Public Schools. I am extremely excited to finally see the 'light at the end of the tunnel' and finally be in the classroom doing what I love to with children. There is no greater joy than watching the face of a child light up when they finally understand a problem.

I have spent many hours working with children in a variety of different settings. I began working with children when I started babysitting in the eighth grade. It was about this time that I began assisting dance classes at the Sawyer Dance Academy, of which I am now a teacher. I was able to teach students from around five years to seventy-five years of age. Dancing is something I have always loved to do and now I am able to share that with children of all ages.

I have spent numerous hours in the classroom. I began working in the classroom my senior year at River Valley High School. I was able to be a 'cadet' teacher along side my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Ringler. She allowed me to have the responsibilities similar to that of a substitute teacher. She would give me a lesson and I would teach it. As the year moved on I was responsible for developed and instructing the lessons while she left the room. I was fortunate to be able to continue this after graduating from High School while attending Southwestern Michigan College.

I have also run a Summer Reading Program for children from three years to eleven years of age at the local elementary school. I was completely in charge of developing all lesson plans, instructing and disciplining the students I had. Reading is not my favorite subject, so this was a good experience for me.

Recently, I have begun substitute teaching back home in the River Valley School District. Thus far I have done kindergarten, first, third, fourth and fifth grades, as well as special education.  I have to say the kindergartens were the most interesting!

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