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Undying Love

Undying Love

Where do I start where does it end?
all I know is this is how it begins.
When I gaze into your eye's,
it brings a warmth from deep inside
Sometimes we are happy,
sometimes we are sad,
Most of the time we are glad
so gald, so glad we met,
these feelings we have
and will never forget.
Fellings so good from deep inside
feelings we both know we could never hide.
So, as these days fly right by, let us
take our love to an all time High
Written by: Dave Terrell Friday, May 5th in the year of our lord nineteen hundred and ninety nine

Words of love can build your soul, lift you up take you on a roll,
Now its time to you use control.
Words in anger or said in hate seal,
the seal on the unlucky seerís fate.
Some words can let you down, make you sad make you frown.
and turn your world updide down.
Words of hate are so unkind,
Words that slip out before they enter your mind.
Use your head and use your mind
you will figure it out in time.
Dont think fast, and donít be rash,
love is not the thing to trash.
These words of Love,build from the inside out.
They build trust without doubt.
Words that are said in tragic shame
make it clear who is too blame.
Some words not spoken are never heard
much like the call of a far off bird.
So take this brief writing my dear and let me whisper in your ear
the three words that are better felt than heard,
for They have a ring like the sound
of a soft humming bird..

Author:David Terrell alais, Itchmyster
Please do not reproduce my writings
without the Authors permission
All rights to these writings are selfishly reserved