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Ironland Spline and Tool

Ironland Spline and Tool
122 Michaels Rd.
Iron River, MI 49935
204 Kirkpatrick
Palmer, MI 49871

Howard R. Martis - Owner

Give us a try for all your spline machining needs:

  • Long Key Slots-on difficult to machine material like Inconel or Stainless.

  • Involute spline forms machined or ground on broaches, shafts, gears, etc.

  • Serration spline forms; straight sided spline forms.

  • Broach cutter tools, fixtures, punch dies, prototypes, and specialty parts.

  • Turning, milling, precision grinding, form grinding, CNC milling, and indexing.

  • Planetary housings; large gears.

  • We do job shop stuff; Very competitive pricing!

Contact us for all your machining and special toolmaking needs!

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