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Steam Engines Continued

(All pictures are from "The History of the Machine" By: Sigvard Strandh)

John Smeaton: Smeaton, like Newcomen, used other ideas for other inventors to improve the steam engine. Smeaton just added things like a cylinder with a larger diameter, to make the piston stroke bigger. Smeaton's engine was basically the same as Newcomen's was.

Ivan Polsunov: Polsunov was the first to create a continually working engine. He built a double-cylinder atmospheric steam engines. Polsunov's engine also had two safety valves to assure better use.

James Watt: Watt, while experimenting on Newcomen's engine, found that it was better to create the steam in one cylinder, and place it next to the working cylinder. Watts engine worked very well. It was the best of its time