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Effect of the Steam Engine

The steam engine had a great effect on society. That effect was not only during the industrial revolution, but also is in society today. The steam engine has helped our society grow in numerous ways. Some of these ways are in mining, shipping, and spinning mills.

During the industrial revolution the steam engine was used for mining, shipping, and spinning mills. It was used in mining for transporting men and equipment between the top and bottom of the mine. The steam engine powered a lifting device that would carry these men and their equipment up to the top, and back down to the bottom again. Here is a picture that shows what I am talking about, (picture from

Also the steam engine has helped us grow in shipping. This is because the steam engine was put into a ship and has made ships faster and has made the oceans easier to travel. Without the invention of the steam engines our modern steam ships would not have been invented. That is another way in which the steam engine has made advances.

The last way in which the steam engine has effected us is in the use of spinning mills. The spinning mill was used mainly in Britain. With the spinning mill they were able to mass produce some goods. The spinning mill used a system called line shafting. Line shafting is where the power of the steam engine is transmitted along these rotating rods to the spinning mill.

The steam engine has had a big effect to us today. Without it we may not have some of the things that we have today. The steam engine was an important invention in the industrial revolution.