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DuleSight™ Visual Creations is a locally owned and operated business, which is based out of Lake Linden, Michigan. It specializes in visual effects, photography, webpage design, and all general visual creations. It was created in 1999, by a young man fresh out of highschool, by the name of Christian Dule. Christian had big goals in mind, when he started up DuleSight,™ and has maintained the spirit of big goals to this day. The company has expanded from its original basement-business location to an entire store front. We have been contracted by several people for visual effects in several small independant short films. We have also done several website creations for businesses and individual people throughout the area.

In late 2002, DuleSight™ sold 40% of itself to Richard Pawail, President of TWP™ Productions. TWP,™ a local productions team, had been showing great interest in the work DuleSight™ was doing at the time. Thusly, Mr. Pawail met with Christian Dule, and together the two of them came to a deal. TWP™ helps fund some of the projects that DuleSight™ undertakes, and in return gets a share of the profits made by DuleSight.™

The biggest contribution TWP™ supplied to DuleSight™ was the use of several rather expensive computer software. When Christian first started up the company, the only real program he had at his displosal was Adobe Photoshop 5.5. However, most notable software program that Mr. Pawail's company was able to supply has been SoftImage 3D, a very powerful visual effects program. Using this and other software programs, DuleSight™ has provided stunning visual aid to several feature projects. And only time will tell where DuleSight™ could end up going.