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Below is a list of some of the many projects DuleSight™ has done in its short history.

"Jackson's Ride": "Jacksan's Ride" is a short film for a college class, and was created in late 1999, by Jeff Borln. Jeff contacted the newly created DuleSight™ and together they set up an agreement. DuleSight™ filmed the entire film for Mr. Borln, as well as edited it with sound, and visual effects. The climax of the film involved a high-pace car chase through the busiling streets of a small town, and out to the dirt roads. We decided to film this in the town of Lake Linden, Michigan. From there, the cars took off, and we did some solo scenes. The action picks back up, once the characters reach White City. The final scenes one of the cars races off into the water and sinks. This was easily one of DuleSight™'s most complicated scenes ever, but fortunatly, it came out great.

"Target: Olympus" For this short college film project, DuleSight™ was tapped to help a fantasy military film. The plot included details about a lost special forces group, struggling to stay alive when they are being attacked by fierce gorrilla forces. Filmed in several locals, including the small town of Gay--yes, you heard me right--