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About my Hamming & me

First call sign was vu2azy (grade II), from 1st Sept. 1986 to 31st May 1988 and during this period, I lived (in Banagalore  and) on  the  40 meter band. with HB 807 cw Tx , (which very

nearly   electrocuted me  twice , after which I took to precautions and I advise you to follow the safety procedures mentioned in the ARRL and other books….. others may not be as lucky as I to have survived) and  putting out  about 30 Watts  of RF power into an  inverted  V antenna  (ERP not known) and  Eddystone  556  BC Rx  with a HB BFO. But with the Rx band width as broad as the  ‘India Gate’, the ‘God given’ narrow filter (ears and brain) came into operation when two  or more cw stations were  inside the pass band  and I worked this way till I got a Kenwood – TS 530 SP in May 1988.

After the first few days of operating CW (as vu2azy), I fell deeply in love with it (CW) and the affair goes as strong ever since.  .

Upgraded  to  vu2mir (grade  I)  on  1st June 1988 and was QRV 20 and 40 Mtr bands on  cw (and  ssb  only when required). More than 90% of my logging was on cw and I loved to rag chew on ‘dits’ and ‘dahs’. After a few weeks of getting the Kenwood, I put up inv v antennas for all the HF bands, except for the 160 and 80 Mtr bands (not enough space), I worked a station on  both these bands, just for the sake of doing so.

Then I got interested in using Ham Radio for emergencies and (alternate) controlled nets and relayed emergency traffic  and I was offered to start off the GEM (General, Emergency & Medical) Net as the Net Controller by vu2gjr, Dr. Gaja and vu2ab, OM ram, both from Chennai and I did so for about a year (vu3rsb, OM Sarath thinks differently…..I suggest he confirm the facts before giving out (wrong) info on the bands and on the internet). Operating on 7.070 MHz at 2200 IST daily, within a month or so I was logging nearly 50 check-ins and handled a whale of a lot of traffic and the GEM Net had soon gained a lot of popularity. After me, there were several net controllers and then the net was no more, for reasons not known to me as I was neither on the air nor in contact with any Ham. Very sad that a net from which so much help / aid was arranged for the needy is NO MORE….. I wish it could be revived (or has it? I am not on 40 these days).

I parted with my Kenwood rig (a blunder) in 1994 and went (to A61 land and) off the band. Came back and have been on 40 & 20 Mtr HB since, mostly QRP with inv V ants in an ideally high location. With two RM96 boards wired for 40 Mtrs.(30 W) and 20 Mtrs QRP(3 W approx.), have worked DX on 20 Mtrs., the best of which was KH6HH with a report of 4-4 consecutively for a bout 2 weeks……feather in my cap? Credit goes to the propagation any way. Since I shifted my shack in early 2002, am QRV on 20 Mtr band only, as there isn’t enough place for longer antennas. Now starting to HB QRP CW Tx and Rx converter for the 18MHz & 24MHz bands. Will be QRV on these bands after many years…….very interesting.



Will scan some qsl cards and upload along with lots of other stuff.

Thanks to my XYL vu2gwz, Ayesha, (not a very active) Ham for putting up with my Ham Radio activity. Initially there was qrm from her so my Ham friends got her to be a Ham too.

As vu2azy, I lived with my xyl, yl harmonic of 4 years and a boxer (the doggy). Now, after 14 years, the boxer is no more (I have  also had, Caravan hound, Saluki, G. Shepherd, Whippet, etc.)and second  yl harmonic joined us 13 years ago, who wants to be a ham too.

That’s all for now, if I have bored you, pls email me some bricks.

73 & GL. CU on 20. I check-in to the Air Net very often, which is conducted on 14.150 MHz daily at 1400 Z.

This site is to be redesigned. Do please come back for more and better laid out content ……..there’s lots more to tell.. about my experiences, my first exposure to Ham Radio, etc. Thank you!

 HELP: Need to purchase powdered iron toroid cores and ferrite toroids of 1” & 0.5” dia (+ specs), BF967, 966…961, 960 dual gate MOSFETS…..available?

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