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Dawn Donuts


Alma 203 W. Superior St. Was combined with Chick-n-Joy; later Little Caesars, now Great Wall
Alpena 2591 S. US-23
(in Sunoco station)
Later Dunkin' Donuts, closed March 2011, vacant
Battle Creek 1567 W. Michigan Ave. Later Dunkin' Donuts, closed September 2012, now Tom's Donuts
Bay City 925 N. Euclid Ave. Later Dunkin' Donuts, then Quiznos, closed 2012, torn down for expansion of car dealership
3865 Wilder Rd. Later Dunkin' Donuts, then Shamrock Dairy Barn, now Great Lakes Lighting
6180 Westside Saginaw Rd.
(in Shell station)
Later Dunkin' Donuts; station torn down ca. 2008, new Shell station with Subway built on site 2016
Benton Harbor 1835 M-139 Opened 1965, closed 1990s?, later Dairy Queen, now Joey C's
Big Rapids 219 N. Michigan Ave. Later Dunkin' Donuts, now Bernie's Place
Birch Run 9288 Birch Run Rd.
(in Shell station)
Later Dunkin' Donuts; station torn down 2004, site vacant
Bridgeport 6367 Dixie Hwy.
(in Amoco station)
*Later Dunkin' Donuts, then Detroit Donuts.
*Station became Mobil ca. 2003, with Detroit Donuts closing soon afterward; station closed ca. 2010 but soon reopened without eatery.
Burton 3411 S. Saginaw Rd. Originally Chick-N-Joy. Later Dunkin' Donuts, then Mary's Donuts, then MetroPCS, now vacant.
Apparently renumbered to 3397 at some point before reverting.
1138 N. Belsay Rd.
(in Shell station)
Station rebuilt mid-1990s? as Shell/Wendy's, now Marathon
Canton 40401 Michigan Ave.
(in Marathon station)
Removed before 2007, station now Mobil
Clinton Township 37310 S. Gratiot Ave. Later Dunkin' Donuts, then Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin-Robbins, then Smokin' BBQ, now T-Mobile
Clio 4465 W. Vienna Rd.
(in Amoco station)
Later Dunkin' Donuts; station closed after conversion to BP. Reopened ca. 2009 as just BP but now closed again.
Davison 701 S. State St. Later Dunkin' Donuts, then B&J Donuts, now Sprint
DeWitt 13393 Old US-27
(in Amoco, later BP station)
Later Dunkin' Donuts, then part of gas station; station torn down after 2011 for Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Detroit 20830 Moross Rd. Later Moross Cafe, now MetroPCS
20031 W. Warren Ave.
(in Sunoco station)
Later Dunkin' Donuts, station closed late 1990s and reopened 2007 without restaurant.
22201 W. 8 Mile Rd. Torn down for CVS/pharmacy
East Lansing 1135 E. Grand River Ave. Now Bell's Pizza
Essexville 1512 W. Center Rd.
(in Shell station)
Later Dunkin' Donuts; station rebuilt 2005 with Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin-Robbins; closed 2008, vacant
Fenton 1375 N. Leroy St.
(in Shell station)
Now a nail salon, now a dance school; station later Marathon, then Sunoco, then Marathon again
Flint 3265 Miller Rd.
(in Marathon station)
*Apparently co-branded with Baskin-Robbins for a short time in late 1980s.
*Later Dunkin' Donuts, then removed. Station rebranded as Exxon 2006 and closed 2008.
*Reopened ca. 2011 as Marathon/Miller Rd. C-Store & Donuts, re-closed 2011, re-reopened 2012 as Admiral with no restaurant.
3751 S. Dort Hwy. Later Dunkin' Donuts, torn down for Walgreens
4508 Fenton Rd.
(in Marathon station)
Later Dunkin' Donuts, then Mary's Donuts, now Smoker's Discount. Station and restaurant closed 2008 but reopened 2009.
615 Harrison St.
(Flint MTA)
Later Dunkin' Donuts, then Downtown Food Shop, now Subway
G-4300 W. Pierson Rd.
(in Ramada Inn)
Removed early 1990s?, hotel closed 2008
3711 Davison Rd. Torn down for Grace Christian Church
Frankenmuth 120 W. Genesee St.
(in Citgo/7-Eleven station)
Later Dunkin' Donuts, now Szechuan House, station now Exxon
Gaylord 840 W. Main St.
(in Mobil station)
Later Dunkin' Donuts, removed before 2007; station torn down ca. 2012 for expansion of adjacent Burger King
Grand Blanc 1040 E. Hill Rd., ste. 8
(Blimpie combo)
Closed between August and December 2014, vacant
Grand Rapids 3271 Alpne Ave. NW
(in Amoco station)
Removed, station now BP
4020 28th St. SE Later Dunkin' Donuts, then Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin-Robbins, then Sleep Doctor, now Cindy's Donuts
Grayling 306 S. James St. Later BC Pizza, now Russell Cellular
Greenville 1021 N. Lafayette Now Discovery Rent to Own
Jackson 906 N. West Ave. Now Dunkin' Donuts
Keego Harbor 2850 Orchard Lake Rd. Later Dunkin' Donuts, then Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin-Robbins, then just Dunkin' Donuts again; closed ca. 2012, now Bosko's
Lansing 3221 S. Cedar St. Torn down for parking lot
6041 S. Cedar St. Later Dunkin' Donuts, now Happy's Pizza
4124 W. Saginaw Hwy. Later Dunkin' Donuts, now Big John Steak & Onion
Lapeer 624 S. Main St. Opened 1980s in former A&W; torn down 1989 for Hardee's which is now Tim Hortons
Midland 1917 S. Saginaw Rd. Later Dunkin' Donuts, now Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin-Robbins, now vacant
Mt. Pleasant 5655 E. Pickard Rd. Later Dunkin' Donuts, then Detroit Donuts, now Starbucks
Okemos 3490 Okemos Rd.
(in Amoco station, later BP, then Sunoco)
Later Dunkin' Donuts; station and Dunkin' Donuts both moved 2015, vacant
Petoskey 201 W. Mitchell St. Laer Dufont's Donuts, now UPS Store
Plymouth 39600 E. Ann Arbor Rd.
(in Amoco station)
Now Dunkin' Donuts, station now BP
Port Huron 706 24th St. Originally combined with Chick-N-Joy; closed and became Koula Donuts late 1988, became Windchill Donuts before 1992
Portage 6225 S. Westnedge Ave. Later Mackenzie's Bakery, then Happy's Pizza (2012), now Moe's Southwest Grill
Pontiac 804 N. Perry St. Later Dunkin' Donuts, now Alsani's
Prudenville 567 E. Houghton Lake Dr.
(in Amoco station)
Closed mid-1990s?; later Tastee-Freez, then Ashby Sterling Ice Cream, now gas station space; station now BP
Saginaw 4460 State St. Closed 2007, vacant
3535 Dixie Hwy. Later Donuts Plus, then Taste of India, now a cell phone retailer
3261 Bay Rd. Closed before 1990, now part of Colby's Dry Cleaning
318 S. Michigan Ave. Closed before 1990, now China City
8015 Gratiot Rd. Now Little Caesars
Tawas City 309 W. Lake St.
(in Shell station)
Relocated late 1980s? to below location, became Subway 1991
211 W. Lake St.
(in Marathon station)
Station torn down ca. 1997 for Rite Aid
Traverse City 876 Munson Ave. Renumbered from 2895 early 1980s?; later Dunkin' Donuts, closed October 2009, torn down 2012 for Culver's
Utica 11285 Hall Rd.
(in Marathon station
with Subway)
Opened 1989, Subway removed 1990s; Marathon and Dawn Donuts closed ca. 2007, now Jake's Fireworks
Warren 4090 E. 9 Mile Rd.
(in Amoco station, now BP)
Later Dunkin' Donuts, then Detroit Donuts, now removed
Wyoming 160 28th St. SW Later Supercuts, now vacant. There may have been another one at 1375 28th St. SW, now the site of an Applebee's.