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This paper was written by: Aaron Kyle

We Have all used paper towels before right? They are one of the most versatile paper products out there. They are mostly used to clean things up, but they can also be used as napkins, coasters, and if you are very desperate, they could be used as toilet paper. I thought I should figure out the different types of paper towel and what is the best to further my paper towel experience.

The main brands of paper towel that are out there are Scott, Brawny, Bounty, and Viva. They all have certain abilities and special slogans to catch your eye. Like in the bounty commercial, they claim to have tiny tiny women quilt little squares in the paper to improve the cleaning ability. Then the famous “The quilted quicker picker upper!” slogan ends the commercial. We all know this is a little paper fairy tail, but not as far fetched as the brawny commercial. In this commercial, the woman has a lot of work to do in the kitchen, so she decides to break out the Brawny to get the work done. Magically her arm transforms into a huge manly muscle arm, and she is pulled around by the arm, getting the job done in about the 40 second commercial time frame. Brawny’s slogan is “It might be too strong.” It just might be……anyway, our third contestant is Scott. I don’t actually recall the Scott commercial, unless I am thinking about the toilet paper commercial, which I am not, because this is all about paper towels. Anyway, Scott’s slogan is “Common sense on a roll.” And last but certainly not least, we have Viva paper towels. I don’t know if there is even a commercial or a slogan for these paper towels, but that is no reason to underestimate them. I got all of my information from,,, and Another important issue that comes up when thinking of paper towels is the super duper cleaning mechanisms in the towels themselves. In Scott Brand Paper Towels, they have wide ridges capable of soaking up water and other thing in no time. Then you have the quilted squares of Bounty and the Brawny Thirsty O’s that soak up all substances with their magnificent circle designs. But again Viva falls short by not having a trademark towel design.

Finally, to make my conclusion, I would have to say from personal experience, and tests that I have found on, and some very interesting facts from, the winner would be Viva paper towels. They are made by the Kleenex Company, and my mom has been using them for years. You should really look into the amazing things this brand of towels can do. I have left the positions of the other towels to you, and I hope you will take my advice and information and use Viva paper towels.