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Liner notes and Lyrics

the band is:

Jay Woolsey on drums J.Mitchell on vocals

R. Scott Sharp on bass L-10 on Guitar and Keyboards

produced by Drizzle and Ed Wolfe.(though,quite honestly,a monkey could've turned those knobs and gotten similar results.)

All songs written and performed by Drizzle except "duke of earl" written by gene chandler. Used with Permission.


Her eyes are the stuff of legends and lore. No man in his right mind denies her. She's not really stupid, perhaps quite niave. Her empathic powers define her.

Tell me what you want. What you want from me. Tell me what you want me to be. A face without meaning, but you'll remember her's. Sweet, sweet...

she's lied to you once. she's done it before. her life is a downward spiral. She'll give up her life's blood to be at your side. Her spirit and form aren't pure.


4 the Peace

I will love you so if you let me go. I will think you grand if you take the stand. I can try to please all that come this way. And I'll never gain or try to stray

I will keep with this theme. I will keep and try to sleep. I can sow who i reap. I will keep and try to sleep.

I can meet demands written in the sand. Letter of the day, keep me away. Keeping with the point which is a mess. Keeping with the point of my constant stress.


Sweeten me, nectarine, with a kiss that's real. Color me so serene, with a kiss i feel. Let me in to mental charm, with a kiss i steal. Keep me away from harm, with this kiss i steal.

Don't run from me nectarine, with this love i feel. Don't run from me nectarine, from this love that's real. Don't run from me nectarine, 'cause my mind can't deal. Don't run from me nectarine, with a skin that's peeled.

Come down an melt away, in this hidden place. Come and see for sure, this hidden place. Come and show us who you are, in my hiding place. Come down and see, this hidden place.

This mind's frustration, i can't help but recreate. This mind's frustration, i can't help but compensate.

You stand there all alone by the way and you feel you're the only one. But i too, it too can't stay.

(Don't Wanna) Be the Effect

I could've been something. I could've been great. I should've been someone. It should've been fate. Our actions dictate how we are percieved. But that shouldn't be, and that isn't me.

Are you weak or are you braver than they suspect? Can you speak? Can you help me be a cause instead? Are you weak or are you braver than they suspect? Can you speak? Can you speak?

A chord and a verse, you never visit me anymore. I went to your house but all the lights were turned off. I tell you it scares me, the crazy things that i do. A need to be noticed, I just don't want to lose you.

Divine seperation tears the masses in two. The gods are wrong, 'cause i won't let them kill you.

Under and Above

I am driven by an underlying sense of guilt. If you bother me to waste away an wilt. Tilted on my side to open sense of fear. And you stand aside as i shed a tear.

I will. Will Be. Taken by you.

I openly bring this pain on me. Better off with you, i've stolen the disease. And with this gift, you tear me open too. I will surely miss the way that i hurt you.

There is this undead sense. I wear it on my sleeve. If you undo these chains i will gladly leave. This crowd gets to me. The way they make me feel. Without my needed drugs will i ever heal? Or will, can i be this chained man in this cage? Can you help me find my bottle full of rage? Taken all the time by your hope and doubt. and i wait and see that there is no way out.

2nd Child (Fat Ass Hippo)

I thought you were supposed to be some kind of an intellectual. I thought you were suppossed to be some kind of an asshole. I thought you were someone i could lay my trust within.

You won't see me die. And i will not walk away. I wish i could fly. My eyes will not turn to grey.

It ain't no fun being the second child. I ain't noone to be told when or what to do. Just 'cause they called you by a name doesnt make you...

Telepaths looking for a photograph of our favorite psychopath leaving notes for god.

Chad and His Mammoth

Vocabulary not withstanding. Throat culture Pungent sanding. Urine samples caught decanting. Gospel preacher raving, ranting.

Do you feel I'm worth it? Do you feel I'm worthy?

Violent, purple,angry Channing. Can't control the souls he's manning. Not her place to do the damning. Point blank range.

Cooper hockey helmet

I am a lie.

Falling Sun

Holsters tied up to my side. Hope each day to stay alive. Hope and pray for a new day. Love 'em, leave 'em and betray.

All i've gone an lost my way you hear me say. Love the open,love the way i roam the day.

Heading west through the higher ground. No one left, i turn my head around. Holding still, clutching to my gun. Riding on, to the Falling Sun.

Have no family of my own, i have no home. Town to town i'm on my own, i'm free to roam.

Showdown at dusk. Hoping to see dawn. Draw in a breath. Know i can do know wrong.Death in the air. Gaze deep in his eyes. Twitch of his wrist. I just closed my eyes.


Once there was a little bee and he was the happiest little bee in all of Audobon, Iowa. In fact, he was the happiest little bee in all of Iowa. No one knew why he was so happy. He just was. Anyways, on Tuesday, Jesus came down to visit the little bee. He came before this little bee looking like a velvet painting of himself and said, "Gordon."

The bee was surprised to say the least. Not so much to see Jesus because he figured it was only a matter of time anyways. But because his name was not Gordon. However, his father's name was Gordon, so he figured he would just tell his Dad whatever it was Jesus had to say. "Gordon," Jesus said. "I have come to tell you the meaning of life." The little bee didn't know what to say. Jesus bent over and whispered the meaning of life into his ears, which incidently bees do possess. "Now go," Jesus said. "Tell all my creatures the knowledge I have given you so that they may learn to love me." The little bee raced excitedly towards the first person he could find.

Sitting under a tree, were two children named Molly and Gabriel. THe little bee flew towards them and started buzzing about them telling them all about his run-in with the lord. Unfortunately the children didnt speak bee and the were frightened when they saw him coming. They screamed and they cried and they threw things at him and killed him because of what he was. That's the way it goes.

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