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Here Comes Tommorrow

Come on and take a taste and let me inside your head. You'll never hear the words, the point is what's being said. I couldn't find my voice, need you to show me the way. You ask me what is next and I got nothing to say.

And when you're breeding. And when you're breathing. And when you're feeding. And when you're pleading.

The song is like a ball, it bounces 'round in my brain. I gotta let it out or it'll drive me insane. I want it out my mind, I don't care how, when, or why. I want you in my life so kiss your future goodbye.

Here comes tommorrow.

A junkie for my art no matter how much it hurts. I gotta swallow pills and take the pain I deserve. See, this is why I quit, this job is just too damn hard. It always makes me sick, the do-it-all-yourself bard. I'm throwing out the rules and I ain't saving the theme. I'll simply go along when you say,"I have a scheme." No matter how it hurts I gotta tap a new vein. I gotta swallow pills to keep from going insane.