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My Memoirs

by Doris Emma (Balesky)Kennard

Just as several persons may witness or experience the
same event but each one will recall the event differently, so too may my sister and
brother remember the following incidences in a different manner than I have recorded them herein.

The anecdotes that follow are as I remember them. Time may have dimmed some of the
details of the events but the memories themselves are as vivid as the day they occurred.

The depression years of the thirties were hard and difficult times.
Many families lost their homes after struggling to pay the mortgage or rent.
Farmers at least had eggs, milk, beef and crops to rely on.
Many people stood in breadlines to get some food. Tramps
and hoboes road the rails going West in search of jobs.
The banks closed taking peoples' savings with them.

My folks lost the house even after selling off the acreage to
pay not only one but two mortgages on it. I knew that money was tight and they struggled
to keep their heads above water but, strange as it may seem, I never felt that we were poor.
Since then I have heard many others say the same thing about the depression years.

This then is my account of cherished
memories growing up Balesky as I remember them.

SP/5 Michael F. May

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