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    So I am not like every girl out there lol, I love the racing, I love everything about. When Megan was no more than 3 feet tall her father races his first Bomber series race, His rookie year he won the championship in his class. After the my family really became racing freaks, it was hard not to. I remember going to the track every Friday and Saturday night and sitting track side in the hopes my father would win his second title. He never did reach his going of winning a second championship but what he won was the honor and the prestige that comes with racing. After my father quite racing due to health problems I still follow racing a lot. I still go down the Flat Rock Motor Speedway were my father won his first championship. From all that the number 26 will always be remembered as my father in my mind.

    In due time I plan to add some pictures of my favorite NASCAR drivers and maybe even some old pictures of my fathers race team.