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June 20
    What ever happen to this website? I know I know I stopped updating it but I just do not always find the time to get around to updating it and putting new stuff up. I promise I will try you update it at least every other day lol. So what is going on in my life right now. It is hell trust me lol. I do not know if I am coming or going anymore but what are u going to do. If you did not know yet I have started  a Yahoo Group ( And also a new Radio Show called Sexy Radio (

    One thing I do love is getting emails from your guys telling e what you think of my site, If you have any questions or comments please email me at I would love to hear from everyone.

    Also on my new website under the links section I adds some really cool sites on there, you should check out. If you would like your site added to it just send me a email, nothing like free adverting huh?!?!