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May 8
    Been a while huh, well first off I would like to thank everyone for sending me emails telling me to get well i do really love reading those, i also loved readying a email from a special guys, this guy sent me one everyday and even thoug i could never respone he still sent them. Either he likes to talk to himself or he cares for me alot. I know i care for him allot to, I love you.

    Anyways off the mushy stuff lets party, I am hoping to go home Friday around noon and the second I do I am first going to my own bed and remember what a real mattress feels like, then try to eat Jell-O lol yummy.

    If I said this week was hell I do believe I was saying the truth, for anyone who does not know I have a compaction in my stomach that caused internal bleeding causing me to vomit blood and at one point I was sleeping and blood cam up, joy huh. Well I had a total of 7 operations in total, I am happy because there was only one mark on body from it, it is a little below the bikini line, only one person will see that loll. Well I went in last Thursday, a week and one day to today. Sunday it would have been the two week anniversary of the car crash.

    I was very busy this week actually I have a whole new layout I would like to use on the webpage but we will see what happens with it lol.  Anyways i need to get out of here my eyes are falling, Help me!


May 8
    The first post in my new journal is going to talk about what happen to me one Sunday. As most of you guys know I was involve in a head on car collision with my 2001 Ford Mustang, first off the car is a total lost. ::cries for a sec::

    Well what happen was I got up early in the morning to visit my friend from CMU Tish, well I was driving down the main road out from where I live a drunk driver hit me head on, I was lucky wearing my seat belt so I did not get ejected from my site. please my air bag did deploy. the other guy who was drunk was drive a what looked like a compact car, well it could have been a mid-size but it sure as heck is not now. Anyways I black out soon after so I only remember waking up in the hospital without the ability to talk. I was so scared. As I came to I had one heck of a headache, I mean think about a jack hammer in your head trying to do road work, ouch. From this car crash though I leave with my left leg broken in two places, they had to make a small incision below my knee can to place a steel plate that now holds my leg together. I also have 2 broken ribs on my left side, and I even messed up both my wrist from bending the steering wheel in half. 

    Now about 3 days later I feel a lot better but my head still likes to act up and cause me to go dizzy, I think I need to dye my hair blond lol. (sorry to all the blonds our there) I went back to the hospital this morning though and the doctor thinks I will be just fine and by the end of the week my speech will be back, but I will still sound strange for a while. FUN! My leg has a cool green cast, it looks bad, I have already started to draw on it to lol. My prize drawing is of Gigs the logo from very cool. I need to get a logo form my site. My wrist are a lot better today then another day lately, it hurts to type for a long time but that is why I have pain killers right! On  the brighter side my speech is starting to return and now I can whisper ( I think I sound like a frog screaming before it got ran over by Dale Jr. hehe ). I have been in a lot better of a mood today and I am starting to get up and around.

    Today though I am not really doing to much, I had plans to go to the Jewelers to pick out a mother's day gift but I don't think I can get out of here with out a wheel chair. what are u going to all well there is always last minute shopping right

Ok well I am taking off now and I hope everyone has a great day bye!!!!